#7 “IR activities for individual investors” Mar, 2009

Part 3  Communications and the internet

Nissan has also enhanced communications with individual investors through the IR website and e-mails. In March 2007, Nissan IR started a new website, "For Individual Investors" , to provide individual investors with more access to Nissan. This site includes unique topics for individual investors, such as "The top three models sold in the three major markets (Japan, US, Europe)".

Nissan IR also began a new e-mail service for individual investors known as "NISSAN IR NEWS" in April 2008. For those registered applicants, this service offers timely notices on items such as the financial results announcement and other important news on the IR website.

Since nearly a year has passed since the commencement of NISSAN IR NEWS, we sent out a questionnaire to our registrants on January 2009. Response rates totaled approximately 30% and many comments were provided. The following is a summary of the results:

  • How investors learned about NISSAN IR NEWS: Roughly 80% responded, "through the Nissan website". Over 10% stated, "through materials issued by Nissan, such as the business report".
  • Frequency level news is distributed: 90% answered "appropriate". Regarding speed of distribution, 17% stated "quick", 68% said "appropriate" and 14% responded "slow".
  • Regarding contents, 29% answered "interesting", while 61% said "okay". For the question, "is this service useful for your investment decision?", 45% answered "useful", 43% stated it was "appropriate" and 12% felt it was "not useful".
  • Those who had responded "not useful" included comments such as, "I want other information that is not already provided on the website" and "I want more detailed information on future business plans".
  • Areas of improvement for IR activities included the following: 1) "NISSAN IR NEWS (e-mail distribution service)" (26%), 2) "Facility tour" (26%) and 3) "Website" (24%).

Based on these results, Nissan IR team aims to improve and further provide accurate and timely information through NISSAN IR NEWS. Some topics that will be added are as follows:

  • Announcement of future TV programs featuring Nissan.
  • Detailed information on business strategy (e.g. electric vehicles).
  • Monthly access ranking for the IR website.
  • Event schedule for each Nissan facility including plants in Japan.

As most investors register for NISSAN IR NEWS through the website, the website has been enhanced to increase the number of registrants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the investors that responded to the questionnaire.

Nissan IR will continue to seek new processes to improve its IR activities through various means. Therefore, we welcome any comments or suggestions. Thank you.

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