#7 “IR activities for individual investors” Mar, 2009

Nissan has been enhancing communications with its individual investors through various methods including seminars, the IR website and e-mails. This issue discusses some of the IR activities held for individual investors. (This issue references various links on the Nissan IR website for individual investors. At this time, the referenced links are available only in Japanese. We apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.)

Part 1  Background on IR activities

There are two reasons Nissan focuses on IR activities for individual investors. First, the general assumption is that individual investors tend to purchase stocks with a long-term view and are expected to increase in the future. Compared to the US or Europe, fewer individual investors in Japan invest in stocks or investment trust shares. While the ownership ratio of Japanese stocks held by individual investors were 18.2% at the end of March 2008 (source: Tokyo Stock Exchange ), the ownership ratio of individual investors holding Nissan shares were only 7.7%. Therefore, we believe there is still potential for the number of individual investors to increase.

Second, IR activities for individual investors appear to have a positive impact on marketing. For example, a Nissan shareholder is likely to purchase a Nissan when buying a new car. Therefore, individual investors may be potential buyers of Nissan cars or will continue to remain with the brand. IR activities are a good way to increase understanding of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and, at the same time, increase awareness of Nissan's cars. Through these events and the internet, Nissan aims to meet directly with individuals and create more "Nissan fans".

Part 2  Events for individual investors

(Shiga COO's presentation in November 2008)

Since fiscal year 2006, Nissan along with co-hosts Monex, Inc. and Mizuho Securities have been conducting seminars for individual investors. Each session has focused on timely subjects.

In fiscal year 2006, Shiga COO conducted a presentation on "Enhancing Corporate Value". The Segment Chief Product Specialist of Skyline also discussed the history of the Nissan Skyline, including the new Skyline, which had made a full model change in November 2006. In addition, two new Skylines were displayed at the event.

As concerns for the environment have been growing globally, we presented on "Nissan's Environmental Technology", which introduced our technology in combating CO2 emissions. That year, we also relocated the seminar venue to the headquarters auditorium. This not only reduced costs, but it also provided an opportunity for the attendees to visit the gallery showcasing Nissan's cars.

On November 15, 2008, over 300 individual investors attended our session on the new mid-term business plan, "NISSAN GT 2012", and environmental technologies, primarily "electric vehicles technology". Attendance at the event exceeded the record number of participants from the prior year.

After the seminar, we conducted a survey and approximately 90% of the participants responded that they "understood" the contents of both the presentation and Q&A session. Other comments included "I'd appreciate further opportunities to hear directly from the COO" and "I understand how enthusiastic Nissan is about electric vehicles". These responses illustrate how important it is for our top management to explain the company's future direction and strategy directly to individual investors.

Videos of the presentations are now available for those who could not attend the seminars. The video of the November 2008 seminar is available under the "IR Event" page of "FOR INVESTORS" at the following site:

(Joint seminar)

By the fall of 2009, Nissan's headquarters will be relocated from the Ginza to its birth place, Yokohama. In accordance with this move, in March 2008, Nissan participated in the "Yokohama No Chikara" seminar for individual investors. This event was hosted by five companies with associations to Yokohama. With roughly 800 attendees, this seminar emphasized the importance of Yokohama to Nissan and the other companies.

Currently under construction, Nissan's new headquarters is connected directly to Yokohama Station on the second floor and will have a showroom on the first floor. After the relocation, we are planning on holding another session, so please look forward to this.

In addition to above-mentioned event, we, along with the IR representatives from other companies, conducted smaller seminars at branch offices of security companies to offer more insight to individual investors. At these joint seminars, participating investors were able hear presentations from different companies from various industries. Nissan IR has been conducting these joint seminars in major cities from the Tohoku to Kyushu regions of Japan. The sessions have been well received with attendance of a few dozen to over a hundred participants. These sessions were invaluable, as some of the participants were Nissan car owners and provided us the opportunity to hear their compliments, comments and requests.

(Oppama plant tour)

Nissan also conducts tours of our manufacturing facilities in Japan, as Nissan is an automobile manufacturing company. These sessions include a plant tour and a presentation by the IR staff. We conducted three plant tours in fiscal year 2007 and two in fiscal year 2008. All these tours were held at our Oppama Plant. Since this is a rare opportunity for investors to learn about the plant, as well as the company's business performance and strategy, feedback was positive. Responses included statements such as, "We learned not only information about the manufacturing process but we also obtained useful IR information" and "I'd like to participate in this kind of event again".

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