The NISMO Festival

As a way of expressing its gratitude to the fans who support its racing activities, NISMO holds a NISMO Festival at the Fuji Speedway in the autumn every year. Visitors can enjoy seeing both current works cars and famous cars of the past vying with each other in a mock race. The former works cars that take part in this event are "commemorative cars" that are kept permanently by Nissan.
Amongst Nissan’s commemorative cars are many that won races and rallies in the past, and the maintenance of these vehicles is primarily the concern of NISMO. The Group C cars too are kept in full working order: fans were delighted by the sight of the Skyline Super Silhouette (R30) at Masahiro Hasemi’s retirement ceremony in the 2001 NISMO Festival, and by the Silvia Super Silhouette (S110) and Cherry Coupe (KPE10) at the retirement ceremony for K. Hoshino in 2002.

At the 2001 NISMO Festival, Nissan’s commemorative cars added excitement to the retirement ceremony for driver Masahiro Hasemi.