Silvia debuts as a highway patrol car

In 1963, with the opening of a section of the Meishin Expressway, the first-generation Cedric Special (50) was the focus of attention when it was chosen as Japan’s first highway patrol car. Then in December 1965, with the opening of the Daisan Keihin Road, the first-generation Silvia (CSP311) was selected as a patrol car by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. Since the speed limit on the No.3 Keihin was 80km/h, it was decided that a car capable of performing well at high speeds was needed for law enforcement. The Silvia, with its top speed of 165km/h, fitted the bill. This was the first time anywhere in Japan that a high-grade sports car had been put on police patrol, so it was front-page news. The photograph shows the official ceremony held at the Kanagawa Prefectural Police HQ on December 9, when the Silvia was delivered.