Skyline GT-Rs win every JTCC race

The All Japan Championships started in 1966, but the one that has consistently enjoyed high popularity is the Japan Touring Car Championship (JTCC), at which both the first- and second-generation Skyline GT-R chalked up an extraordinary record of victories.
The debut for the second-generation GT-R (R32) was the opening race at the All Japan Championship of March 1990, the All Japan Touring Car 300km Race (Nishi-Nippon Circuit ("MINE Circuit" at present)). This event was won by K. Hoshino and Toshio Suzuki (Calsonic), but also driving GT-Rs in this series, to the delight of the crowds, were Masahiro Hasemi (UNISIA JECS), K. Takahashi (Advan), and K. Tohira (Zexel).
At the time, the category for the All Japan Touring Car Championship was Group A, and in all 29 races of the four series held from 1990 to 1993, the R32 GT-R reigned supreme as the undisputed champion. It was victorious too at the final Group A championship race in 1993, bringing this chapter in the GT-R’s history to a glorious conclusion (from 1994 Group A was replaced by the Super Touring Car).

At the All Japan Touring Car Championship Group A races, it was the thrill of seeing Skyline pitted against Skyline that excited the crowds at the circuit.