• No.335

Cedric 4-door Hardtop V30 Turbo Brougham VIP (1985 : PY30)



Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
Engine (LPG)
VG30ET (V6, OHC), 2,960cc
Engine Max. power
169kW (230PS)/5,200rpm
Engine Max. torque
333Nm (34.0kgm)/3,600rpm
Electronic 4-speed AT, floor shift
Suspension (front)
Strut independent
Suspension (rear)
4-link coil independent with Panhard rod
Ventilated disc (front & rear)
Tires (wheels)
195/70HR14 (aluminum 5.5JJx14)


Cedric 4-door Hardtop V30 Turbo Brougham VIP(1985: PY30)

Since the first-generation model (30) appeared in April 1960, the Cedric has been at the forefront of the luxury sedan market, a domestically manufactured passenger car that truly represents Japan. The sixth-generation Y30 was launched on June 22, 1983.
Attracting attention as the first Japanese passenger car with a V6 engine (VG30E/VG20E), the Y30 also featured a wealth of advanced electronic technologies, including the world's first automatic windshield wiper system with rain sensor and intermittent mode, electronic radio tuner (turbo models) with track display and program reservation, illuminated (EL) hood mascot, and computer-controlled fully automatic air conditioner.
On January 9, 1984, the V30E Brougham VIP debuted as the top-of-the-line model, complete with such standard equipment as computer-controlled power seats (position memory for all 4 seats). And on June 18 of that year the lineup gained two new models, the Turbo Brougham VIP and Turbo Brougham, both powered by the same turbocharged VG30ET engine (max. output: 230PS) used on the Fairlady Z.
The V30 Turbo Brougham VIP had improved suspension and brakes, and came with such standard equipment as an auto-levelizer to maintain vehicle height, and computer-controlled power seats. The wide range of options included genuine leather seats, keyless entry system, JBL speaker system, and fiber-optic steering wheel switches.