• No.021

Austin A50 Cambridge Saloon (1959 : B131)



Overall length
4,120mm (4,110mm)
Overall width
Overall height
1,590mm (1,570mm)
2,520mm (2,510mm)
Curb weight
1,085kg (1,070kg)
Type 1H (4-cyl. in line, OHV)
Engine Displacement
Engine Max. power
42kW=57PS (37kW=50PS)/4,400rpm
Top speed
130km/h (128km/h)
Seating capacity
6 (5)
  • Note:Last model off the production line
    Figures in parentheses are for the '56 model.


Related information

Austin A50 Cambridge Saloon(1959: B131)

GHQ lifted the ban on production of passenger cars in 1949. Since the restriction was a severe blow to the automobile industry, the Japanese government encouraged manufacturers to acquire production/facilities know-how through partnership with overseas manufacturers. Nissan entered a partnership with Austin Motor Co. Ltd. of UK in 1952, imported parts and started production. Although the number of domestic parts was small when production of "A40" started, it became more than 200 at the start of "A50" in 1955 and all the parts became made-in-Japan in 1956.

A50 is a 1500cc luxury sedan with 4-cyl. OHV engine. This is the last car that came off that assembly line in 1959.