• No.269

Skyline 4-door Hardtop GTS Twin-cam 24V Turbo (1986 : KRR31)



Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
RB20DET (6-cyl. in-line, DOHC turbo), 1,998cc
Engine Max. power
140kW (190PS)/6,400rpm
Engine Max. torque
240Nm (24.5kgm)/4,800rpm
3-speed AT, floor shift
Suspension (front, rear)
Strut, semi trailing-arm
Brakes (front, rear)
Disc, drum
205/60R15 89H
  • Note:R31 was launched in Aug. 1985; commemorative car is the 1986 model.


Related information

Skyline 4-door Hardtop GTS Twin-cam 24V Turbo(1986: KRR31)

The seventh-generation Skyline (R31) was launched on August 19, 1985 at a time when peoples' lifestyles and values were changing greatly. The R31 was a high-profile model that aimed to offer the sort of cutting-edge design and performance sought by a mature automotive society.
The public already liked the R31's refined styling, which hinted at its superior drivability, but when a stylish 4-door hardtop was introduced, the Skyline's popularity soared even higher.
A high-quality driving experience was the goal, and this was realized by the powerful, newly developed 6-cylinder in-line twin-cam 24-valve turbocharged RB20DET engine. These twin-cam engine models were also equipped with such advanced technologies as the breakthrough HICAS (High Capacity Actively-controlled Suspension) rear-wheel steering system. HICAS turns the rear wheels by as much as 0.5 of a degree in response to steering angle and car speed.
A total of 32 basic models were available within the 2 types of body- 4-door sedan and 4-door hardtop - as well as 6 engines (RB20DET, RB20DE, RB20ET, RB20E, CA18S, and RD28). Starting with a 2-door sports coupe (equipped with a ceramic turbo engine) launched on May 22, 1986, "GTS" was positioned as a the twin-cam grade (later a twin-cam 4-door hardtop was also introduced), featuring HICAS, 4-wheel disc brakes, high-support seats and full-wheel covers as standard equipment.