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Skyline 2000GT-E/X (1983 : HR30)



Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
L20E (6-cyl. in-line, OHC), 1,998cc
Engine Max. power
92kW (125PS)/6,000rpm
Engine Max. torque
167Nm (17.0kgm)/4,400rpm
Suspension (front, rear)
Strut, semi trailing-arm
Brakes (front, rear)
Disc, drum
185/70SR-14 (195/70HR-14)
  • Note:R30 was launched in Aug. 1981; commemorative car is the 1983 model.


Related information

Skyline 2000GT-E/X(1983: HR30)

The sixth-generation Skyline (R30) was launched on August 18, 1981. This model was publicized using the actor Paul Newman, well-known in racing circles, in a series of TV commercials. As a result, the car was affectionately called the "Newman Skyline".
An interesting feature of the R30 is that it brought back the DOHC engine, discontinued since the C110 (fourth-generation model), and effectively integrated two body types (the long-nose body previously used with the 6-cylinder engine, and the short-nose body of the 4-cylinder engine model).
Five engines were available at launch: L20E, L20ET (turbo), Z20, Z18, and the LD28 (diesel). However, on October 21, 1981, two months after the R30 was launched, the RS model was launched, equipped with the FJ20, a newly developed 4-cylinder in-line 1,990cc engine. This FJ20 was a high-performance DOHC engine: with its 4-valve DOHC design and pent-roof combustion chamber, common on racing car engines, it delivered a maximum output of 150PS at 6,000rpm.
The GT-E/X, top of the line in the GT Series, was powered by the 6-cylinder 1,998cc L engine (SOHC), equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. Among the GT-E/X's standard features were a driver's seat with 40mm stepless adjustment, variable power steering that automatically adjusts to suit engine rpm, and a tilting/telescopic steering column.