All Japan Touring Car Championship (JTCC)

From 1994, the All Japan Touring Car Championship (JTCC) was contested in the New Touring Car category, which replaced Group A.
This category, which was later renamed "Super Touring", was a 4-door sedan event that was popular in Europe at the time. Regulations stipulated that only 2,000c engines (swapping was possible with other engines from the same manufacturer) with a maximum speed of 8,500rpm could be used. Minimum curb weight was 950kg (FF) and 1,050kg (FR). With these conditions applying to all entries, the races were closely fought, and this is what made them so exciting. One major feature was that fact that races were held twice a day.
Through four seasons, 1994-97, Nissan cars - the Primera, Sunny, and Primera Camino - took part in this category, raced by such prominent teams as NISMO, Hoshino Racing and Hasemi Motor Sport.

The JTCC is limited to 2,000cc 4-door sedans.