"Sunny" name chosen from among 8.48 million entries

A major naming campaign was initiated for the launch of the Sunny. This was intended to stimulate interest among the Japanese public, which was eagerly awaiting the appearance of a passenger car designed expressly for the general public. Another objective was to give the new car a name that would have a strong appeal.
Newspapers published on January 1, 1966, featured an advertisement that announced the forthcoming launch of a 1,000cc car and invited readers to suggest a name for the new model. A teaser ad campaign followed, releasing details of the new car little by little, up until the deadline in February. This further excited the public’s interest.
A total of 8.48 million entries were received, with a total of 380,000 different names. From these, "Sunny" was chosen as it was deemed to match the image of the new model - bright, cheerful, and youthful. A similar naming campaign was later adopted for the first-generation March, when it also excited public anticipation for the new model launch.


On February 2, 1966, winning entries were picked by lottery and the Sunny name was announced at the Municipal Gymnasium in Tokyo’s Sendagaya.