• No.336

Cedric 4-door Sedan Original (1996 : QJY31)

Sedan / Special Spec Car


Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
Engine (LPG)
NA20P (4-cyl. in-line, OHC), 1,998cc
Engine Max. power
60kW (82PS)/4,600rpm
Engine Max. torque
159Nm (16.2kgm)/2,400rpm
4-speed MT, column shift
Suspension (front, rear)
Strut, 5-link
Brakes (front, rear)
Disc, drum
6.40R-14-6PR (front & rear)
  • Note:Taxi specifications


Cedric 4-door Sedan Original(1996: QJY31)

Since the appearance of the first-generation model 30 (announced in March 1960, launched in April), the Cedric - noted for its impressive styling and advanced automotive technologies - has stood at the forefront of Japanese automobile manufacture, securing an assured position of strength in a broad range of applications, from personal to formal.
The seventh-generation Y31 was launched on June 17, 1987. Its development concept was focused on luxury car styling, creating the optimal balance of performance specifications, and generating a feeling of high quality throughout. True to the Cedric tradition of always adopting the newest technologies, the designers of this model went to great lengths to incorporate the latest advances, including a newly developed V6 twin-cam high-flow ceramic turbo engine, an electronically controlled air suspension, and a high-quality 4-coat paint process.
There was a choice of a 4-door hardtop and a 4-door sedan; the latter could also be specified as a taxi. The three grades were Super Custom, Classic, and Original. At first the Y31 was available with either the RB20P LPG engine or the RD28 diesel engine, but as part of a minor change in June 1991 the NA20P 4-cylinder in-line LPG engine was added. At the same time, the vehicle design was modified to put more emphasis on rear-seat passengers, changing the roofline to increase headroom, and eliminating the opera windows. Adopted as standard equipment were halogen headlights with combined fog lights, a high-mount brake light, side-door beams, and a dual seat lifter for the driver.