Nissan ranks second in Nikkei Environmental Management Survey (Feb 12, 2016)

- Receives perfect score in the global warming countermeasures category -

Nissan came away with the number two spot in the overall manufacturing sector in the 19th Nikkei Environmental Management Survey, and missed taking the top position by just one point. In the annual survey conducted by Nikkei Inc., which examines and evaluates the environmental management performance of 3,230 Japanese companies (1,737 in the manufacturing sector and 1,493 in non-manufacturing sectors such as retailing/food service, electricity/gas and building industries), Nissan achieved a total score of 489 points*1, moving up from 5th last year to 2nd, right behind top-ranked Konica Minolta. Nissan was the only company to receive a perfect score in the global warming countermeasures category within the manufacturing sector. The results were released on January 26.

The survey highly recognized the global energy-saving activities called NESCO (Nissan Energy Saving Collaboration) by Nissan’s task-dedicated team that conducts energy-saving audits at the company’s production sites by inspecting the way energy is used and suggests improvements. Based on energy-saving know-how developed in Japan, the team has created an auditor-training program that currently consists of seven teams in Japan and four in other countries. As part of the Alliance activities, the team has also been contributing to CO2 reduction for Renault since 2014.

NESCO is part of Nissan’s mid-term environmental plan called Nissan Green Program 2016, which reflects the company’s environmental philosophy of “Symbiosis of People, Vehicles and Nature.” The program is promoted throughout the company, including product engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing departments involved in vehicle manufacturing, as well as sales, services, and all other departments to make sustainable improvements.

Nissan’s excellent showing in the Nikkei survey is the result of not only the NESCO team’s activities, but also recognizes the diligent efforts made by Product Planning, plants, offices, dealers and suppliers. We will continue to strive toward the achievement of Nissan Green Program 2016.

For NESCO activities, watch the footage below:

Less is More: NESCO Cuts CO2 Footprint


  • *1: In the manufacturing sector, an overall score is calculated based on five evaluation indicators: 1) System to promote environmental management, 2) Global warming countermeasures, 3) Product countermeasures, 4) Pollution countermeasures/Response to biodiversity and 5) Resources recycling.

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