PPS Helps Drive Cleaner Energy Use(2014/2/18)

To accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions at Nissan facilities in Japan, the company has been taking new approaches.

Choosing Energy with Less CO2 Emissions

Through Japan’s Power Producers and Suppliers (PPS) system, users can choose electricity that’s generated from sources with lower CO2 emissions and that’s lower cost. Users of high-voltage power of 50kW and above can participate in PPS, and Nissan is among more than 130 companies in Japan doing so, according to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Nissan registered in 2010 and has been sourcing approximately 7,500kW of power from power producers we choose for energy to the Global Headquarters, Sagamihara Parts Center, Nissan Education Center and Customer Service Center since April 2013.

“We ourselves check where and how our electricity is generated, and choose which to use depending on CO2 emissions and cost without leaving it to power producers,” said Yuji Kishi, Expert Leader, Environment and Energy Engineering Department. “For example, we might choose thermal power generation using natural gas, not coal, because this creates fewer CO2 emissions. We also actively use renewable energy and will consider choosing power generated from biomass, in addition to solar power.”

Renewable energy accounts for about 20% of power supplied to Nissan HQ, Sagamihara and the education and service centers. This increased the renewable energy usage rate in all Nissan facilities in Japan from 0.02% to 0.4%. Nissan will continue to supply electricity through PPS and increase the renewable energy usage rate in facilities in Japan to 2.1% by fiscal year 2016.

In October 2013, through PPS, Nissan also started supplying electricity to 66 sales outlets run by Kanagawa Nissan Co. Limited that have quick-charging facilities. The amount of electricity supplied is about 4,500kW. So customers that charge their all-electric, zero-emissions Nissan LEAFs at these locations can be confident they’re powering their vehicles with cleaner energy.

Powering Nissan LEAF with Clean Energy

Nissan also is working on renewable energy generation. Nissan Kohki Co., Ltd., one of the Nissan group companies, began “roof leases” in January. Roof space is leased to a power producing company for solar power generation.

Some sales outlets of Kanagawa Nissan also started roof leases. Nissan as a PPS obtains electricity generated from solar power on the roofs and supplies it to sales outlets. Through such power sourcing, Nissan can provide renewable electricity to Nissan LEAF owners who can charge their vehicles at the sales outlet. This innovative approach is one way to help realize Nissan’s environmental philosophy of “a Symbiosis of People, Vehicles and Nature.”

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