Nissan was ranked 2nd place at the 16th Nikkei Environmental Management Survey (Feb 18, 2013)

Nissan was ranked second place overall, and tops in the auto sector, in the 16th Nikkei Environmental Management Survey*1 for companies that is conducted annually by Nikkei Publishing Inc. The survey once again recognized Nissan's initiatives toward sustainable mobility.

The auto industry is facing a set of challenges associated with the sustainability of the atmosphere, water, energy, mineral resources and recycling. To help arrive at solutions to the questions posed by these challenges, Nissan is developing the technologies and processes required to address them while also communicating with society.

"Sustainable mobility" means striving to ensure that Nissan reduces environmental impact as much as possible. We do this with zero-emission vehicles like the Nissan LEAF 100% electric vehicle; our PURE DRIVE approach to making the gasoline-powered vehicles in our line-up more efficient in terms of fuel economy and emissions; reducing CO2 emissions; reducing waste and using fewer water resources in our corporative activities; expanding the use of renewable energy sources; and supply-chain management with environmental footprint monitoring.*2

Additionally, we are working to promote the implementation of these activities within the framework of the global environmental management system.

Furthermore, we are enhancing the disclosure of our performance related to our environmental activities on our websites.

"The Nikkei ranking result recognizes the strong environmental commitments the company has made under the Nissan Green Program, which we have been working on for the past ten years. We will continue our efforts in all the countries where we operate, and continue to strive for the realization of sustainable mobility as we contribute to society as a global company," said Hiromi Asahi, deputy general manager of Nissan's Environmental Planning Group.

Nissan has an ongoing focus on providing information about our activities and intends this communication as a way to forge relationships of trust with our many stakeholders.

  • *1: The survey, which contains 200 detailed questions, was conducted to evaluate 2,453 companies' balance between environment management and corporate strategy. The survey has been conducted annually since 1997.
  • *2: These activities are being promoted under the Nissan Green Program 2016.

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