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Sales of Nissan Green Parts in Japan

Nissan Green Parts is the name given to still usable parts that Nissan recovers from end-of-life vehicles and sells after reconditioning.
In fiscal 1998 and 1999, the first years Nissan Green Parts were available, sales reached only 2 million yen, however in fiscal 2013 grew to ¥1.5 billion.
This growth demonstrates that customers recognize Nissan Green Parts as a reasonable option for use in repairs of their vehicles. We plan to improve the matching rate between the parts collected by recyclers and our customers' needs, and make further efforts to give customers exactly what they want.

Nissan Green Parts categories

Nissan Green Parts include both reused and rebuilt parts. Reused parts are recovered parts that have been cleaned and passed a quality check, while rebuilt parts are those that have been disassembled, washed, checked, and had worn components replaced.

Lineup of reused parts Lineup of rebuilt parts
headlamps, combination lamps, doors, door mirrors, fenders, bumpers, hoods, meters, starters, wiper motors, drive shafts, and power steering and linkage. engines, automatic transmissions, torque converters, ECMs, brake shoes, power steering pumps, N-CVT (Nissan continuously variable transmission), alternators, starters, drive shafts, power steering gears, turbochargers, air-conditioner compressors, and injection pumps.

Inventory management and supply of reused Nissan Green Parts is done by Nissan parts dealers at 14 locations nationwide. Rebuilt Nissan Green Parts are supplied by the Sagamihara Parts Center and parts manufacturers through 28 Nissan parts dealers nationwide. When customers have their vehicles repaired at Nissan dealerships, they can choose either Genuine Nissan Parts or Nissan Green Parts.

Bumper recovery and recycling in Japan

Nissan is working to collect and recycle used plastic bumpers obtained during the repair and replacement of vehicle parts at dealers nationwide. The collected bumpers are recycled into plastic parts for new vehicles through a recycling process. These efforts were begun at dealerships in 1992, and are becoming firmly entrenched.

Collected bumper

Pieces of collected bumpers

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