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Nissan Green Shop Activities

Wide-ranging environmental efforts at our dealerships-including separation of waste, recycling, and energy-saving activities-are essential to earning customer's trust and recognition of Nissanís environmental activities.
In April 2000, Nissanís sales companies in Japan introduced an original approach to environmental management based on ISO 14001 certification called the Nissan Green Shop certification system, and continue to raise the level of environmental activities. Dealerships certified in Nissan Green Shop have appointed environmental managers and secretariats to be in charge of environmental activities, and established a system for the activities. Working within this system, they ensure that end-of-life vehicles and waste are disposed of properly, and manage environmental facilities, and conduct public relations and other activities to inform customers of Nissan's environmental efforts.

Nissan Green Shop -Three declarations and actual activities-
Nissan Green Shop
-Three declarations and actual activities-

In addition, we are promoting CO2 emission management at all dealerships in Japan, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by1% each year under Nissan Green Program 2016, Nissan's environmental action plan.

Regular and internal audits to maintain and improve activities

The Nissan Green Shop certification system approximately 40 Nissan auditors conduct regular annual audits and certification renewal every three years. As of the end of March 2016, 2,700 dealership outlets of 157 sales companies, including parts dealers, have been certified under the system. At the same time, an environmental management system has also been established in which dealerships conduct their own internal audits every six months.

  • *The terms "internal audit" and "regular audit" are used in accordance with Nissan's own standards.

Comply with the automobile recycling law (Japan)

Automobile dealerships are subject to various laws and regulations. The dealerships certified in Nissan Green Shop stay up to date on the practices to be carried out through the manual complied with the Automobile Recycling Law. The status of activities is monitored during regular inspections.

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