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Environmental Education

Environmental education for employees

A "town hall" style meeting on NGP2016 held at the Nissan Technical Center in February 2012

Nissan conducts environmental education for all of its employees in Japan to promote and deepen individual awareness of environmental issues. Basic education is a part of the orientation of new employees when they join the company. Classes and seminars following Nissan's original environmental education curriculum are held to raise the awareness of managers and midlevel employees. We are also developing localized educational tools for employees at our operation sites around the world.

We announced Nissan Green Program 2016 (NGP2016) in fiscal 2011 and held presentation meetings and open roundtable discussions at our offices to f amiliarize employees with the program's environmental targets and key activities. These meetings were established as occasions to increase awareness in all of our employees about the link between NGP2016 and their own work. We plan to expand these meetings to affiliated companies in the future.

Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School

Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School is a program led by our vehicle development department to teach students about the various activities of Nissan's environmental initiatives since 2008. Students can learn about the global environmental issues and Nissan's environmental approach through a fun, interactive experience. The program covers three areas, starting with basic knowledge about environmental issues, assembling a model eco-car kit (electric or fuel-cell electric vehicle) and lastly riding the 100% electric Nissan LEAF or the innovative fuel-cell electric vehicle. In fiscal year 2015, about 9,000 students participated this program, including sessions which Nissan conducted at schools or other the external sites.

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