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Hybrid Vehicles

A Broader Lineup of Hybrid Vehicles

Nissan's Original Hybrid System

The Skyline

Hybrid vehicles, which run on a combination of a gasoline-powered engine and an electric motor, can allow improvement of fuel efficiency and considerable reductions in CO2 emissions. Nissan has developed a unique hybrid system using a high-output lithium-ion battery together with a single motor for both drive and regeneration, as well as an Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system in which two clutches are linked in parallel, one to the motor and one directly to the engine and transmission. Vehicles using the system deliver both fuel efficiency and powerful responsiveness.

The Nissan Group launched its first vehicles equipped with an original hybrid system, the Fuga in Japan and the Infiniti M in the European market in fiscal 2010, and further enhanced this system to increase fuel efficiency and responsiveness before installing it in two rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the Skyline and the Infiniti Q50, in fiscal 2013.
Nissan is also expanding use of its hybrid system for front-wheel-drive vehicles. The extremely compact system is combined with Xtronic transmission in the fiscal 2013 Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60.
A simple, compact hybrid system is onboard the Serena S-Hybrid, launched in 2012. The system includes an auxiliary motor with enhanced energy regeneration capacity and power output, as well as a sub-battery added in the engine room to boost storage capacity.

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