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Clean Diesel-Engine Vehicles


Diesel Vehicles have always had an advantage in terms of energy and CO2 reductions due to their low fuel consumption, but it has been very difficult to make their exhaust cleaner. So clean diesel engines are expected as a promising technology for reducing CO2 emissions.

Nissan has already launched clean diesel engines running on blended biodiesel fuel on the European market, beginning with the release in 2007 of the Qashqai. Also, through our Alliance with Renault, Nissan developed the new M9R clean diesel engine, and fitted it to the X-TRAIL 20GT* in September 2008 for Japanese market. In 2010, the automatic transmission X-TRAIL with M9R engine was launched in Japan.

Nissan will continue to harness the advantages of its Alliance with Renault to develop and expand the market for efficient clean diesel.

  • * The X-TRAIL 20GT won the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) Director-General's award in the 19th annual Energy Conservation Prizes, presented by the Ministry of Economy , Trade and Industry, and the Minister's Prize in the fifth annual Eco-Products Awards presented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism.

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