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Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design Manager
Application eligibility

Candidate Requirements

•Capability to manage a design team and create a new process with top level creativity

•3D Graphic and Motion Design:
Capability to construct 3D and Graphic in 3D space and 3D graphic design skill for modeling, animation, dynamics, and rendering in 3D graphic design.

•2D Graphic and Motion Design:
Capability to create attractive graphic design in a short period, and sufficient knowledge of typography, photo-retouching, font, symbol, and visual identity (VI) guide. (Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Flash, etc.)

•Composite Design:
Capability to make an attractive composite of different materials such as 2D graphic, 3D motion, sound source, etc.

•Excellent design skill of 3D space and 3D data motion, movie editing skill, sufficient knowledge of interaction design (MAYA, Studio MAX, Softimage XSI, other 3D software.)

•Fluent and sufficient English communication skill, including technical terms, necessary to work internationally.

Please send the completed application form with a file of your previous work (PDF format, smaller than 10MB) and a picture of yourself (JPEG format, smaller than 1MB).

Application Form