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Q.I am a foreign student in Japan. Can I apply for this internship program?

A. Yes, you can. However, depending on your scholastic year, there would be some limitations. Please refer to "Regarding Application (Guidelines for applicants)" and find which school year is subject to our program.

Q.Can a postgraduate apply for this internship program?

A. Yes.

Q.I'm not a student. Can I participate in your internship program?

A. No, you can't. Our programs are designated for students only.

Q.Would it be possible to join this program, if I would take a temporary leave from school?

A. No, it would not. Those who are on a leave of absence or planning to take a leave can not join our internship program.

Q.My school is located not in Kanto region. Is it possible to participate in LONG TERM PROGRAM?

A. No, it isn't For our LONG TERM PROGRAM, we made it a precondition that you will need to join this program while you continue your regular coursework at your school. Therefore, the objective people of this program are the ones who live in KANTO region and can participate in our LONG TERM PROGRAM by utilizing the hours you do not have a class at your school, Saturdays and Sundays while placing first priority on your regular coursework at your school. For those who live outside of KANTO region, we have SHORT TERM PROGRAM that you can participate in by utilizing your long school vacation in summer or spring.. Please take such opportunity to experience Nissan way of design creation.