Ideal Environment
Here, we would like to introduce you our studying environment.
Design creation derived from "Enjoyment"---Design Studio Environment
The design studio environment was created with our thoughts to let the students experience car designing while enjoying it. It is an open space without any partition. Designers' tables were arranged in a layout where the communication among participants was taken into the consideration. Sketches and rendering data were attached to the wall as reference. Amusing and delightful items are displayed on the shelves and they give you hints for your imagination. Photos from actual working scenes of car designers and modelers and design tools. Fresh scent and nice music. All are for the best environment to let participants concentrate their efforts on car-designing while enjoying it.
Utilization in a practical manner is the key. --- Sufficient Design Tools.
Our studio for Off-site Internship Programs is fully equipped with essential design tools for designing, similar to our actual design studio in Nissan. Design materials for sketching by hand (markers, color pencils and pastels), drawing software and graphic tablet which you can operate by pen for digital sketch, 3D software for virtual model creation and such. There is no difference from what Nissan designers are using "now." Please take this chance, experience so-called designers technique by joining in this internship and find how professionals utilize these tools. We are so sure that you, participants will learn how to use design tools more practically by the end of this internship.
Exciting area to stimulate your imagination. --- NAKAMEGURO
There are two major reasons for opening our studio in NAKAMEGURO. First, it is because of "good access". We selected this place, taking easy-commuting from schools located in Tokyo metropolitan district into consideration. Second, it is because of the fact, "NAKAMEGURO is the area inspires one's imagination." The streets are filled both with old mama-and-papa shops and modern stylish shops. Such fusion of history and innovation has induced feverish excitements to the streets. You always find something new to refresh your mind once you get into back streets. That's NAKAMEGURO. For you, participants, please join our internship programs with a passion for becoming a car designer. We guarantee you that a town called NAKAMEGURO will give you a variety of inspiration and imagination.