What is Nissan Design  Off-site Internship program?
  Here is the message from us, the ones with passion for this program as well as for design creation.
The DNA of MONOZUKURI spirit for the next generation.
Recently, people's interest for "design" in the daily life is getting higher and higher. Nissan designers are always making efforts to create a new appealing design for customer satisfaction with their own creativities. As a result, we have created many highly-evaluated models such as March, Cube, Fairlady Z and etc. To keep creating the models which appeal to customers, we think "education" is very important. As "globalization" is spreading in many directions, it's needed to cultivate the new generation who will take over Japanese DNA not only in automobile industry but also in the other many industries.  
Until the time has finally come to start Nissan Off-site Internship  Program.
As a Japanese car company, we would like to contribute to this as much as possible. That’s why we have been not only training young in-house designers but also executing proactively many programs for future car designers.
For example, we've already had several sponsored projects and global in-house internship programs. In the in-house programs, Nissan's active designers are teaching design to the students directly as a trainer. This time, to open the door wider, we decided to start a new internship program with outside facility. As the place, we chose "Nakameguro". Around this area, there are many shops with high sense of design that stimulate creative minds. We think this place is very appropriate to learn design in terms of location and circumstance.
Practical Training program
In the development of its curriculum, we are making a practical training program including active designer's coaching with the prospect that students will learn design intensively in the circumstance close to in-house program.
We hope many students will be interested in this program and join it. We will keep making efforts in such programs and hope to contribute to the development of Japanese car design. You can expect our further progress. Nissan will go beyond your expectation.