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“New technologies, advanced power trains, autonomous driving are now moving designers to new shapes and new ways to express and conceive the automotive. In this transformative moment I believe heightened autonomy is the best state of organizational mindset to bring the deepest innovations to the automobile.

At the end of the day our organization output is heavily influenced by how we structure our creative community. I believe that “informed freedom” is the most inspirational tool for a designer, and is the philosophy we are adopting in all the 8 Nissan Design Studios around the world. “Freedom” is the opportunity to step forward and have a guiding hand in our destiny. “Informed” representing a learning community where curiosity, knowledge and responsibility are the foundation of freedom.

At Nissan Design HQ we have divided our 560 member organization into 3 autonomous bubbles that house each of our 3 brands: Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti. The key is beyond brand, each of them is tasked to incubate new and unique creative and innovation cultures. In theory, we hope that the culture developed within each independent bubble will show us new ways of working and living inside of our Nissan world.

One may ask what is the role I would play in an ideal autonomous structure as described. Well, I believe a leader who strives (and struggles) to lead by inspiration not mandate has a chance to free their team to dream with them not for them. To unleash the creativity of 800 versus the wisdom of one. As an example, everyone in Nissan Design knows I am very curious about Japanese DNA, not just the objects created but the context behind the culture, the motivation to create, the inspiration and execution for many hundreds of years. My team sees me studying the migration 4,000 year ago from the mainland and the steps taken to get here we are today. Wondering if we can learn from looking back as we leap forward with our new technologies. What I can say is I am deeply humbled by the way our global team has brought forward such wonderful interpretations of living inside Nissan. How a young Russian designer can eloquently present the beauty of the Japanese concept of “MA” and how Infiniti would use this to define our new simplicity,,,,,, well, I was silenced in appreciation and power of intent and execution of this idea that became the Q Inspiration!

As we begin to see the fruits of these ideas, I am looking forward to hearing from my brothers and sisters at Nissan, hoping that they see reflected in our work the dreams and ambitions they have for our wonderful company.
Stay tuned.

Alfonso Albaisa

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