INFINITI Design Language

Infiniti is inspired by nature. 

One key design image is an ocean swell rising above the calm surface of the water. 

There is a deep surge as the wave is propelled by wind and shaped by the forms of the very sea floor. As the swell moves along the surface, 

there is a compressing and releasing of tension calling to mind the human muscle, flexing and releasing. 

We find this a fertile image for design that gives a sense of warmth.

 This theme continues to inspire our team and to give us our brand’s unique beauty.

Within this imagery—the artistry and the sense of power derived from nature—can be found the entirety of our design philosophy.

Side Design

    ・Crescent Cut C-pillar

view line

Front Design

    ・Double Arch Grille ・Focused Eye Headlamp

view line

Rear Design

    ・Brand Emblem Enhancement

view line

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