INFINITI Craftsmanship Story

Crafting the Next Generation of Infiniti

Infiniti’s distinctly tailored feel, born from our dedication to artistry and craftsmanship, sets it apart from other brands in the premium market. This craftsmanship goes beyond the careful shaping of vehicles to encompass every aspect of the design process, including selecting the best materials to execute the target concept and arranging them with painstaking care. Every process that goes into the car’s design requires our vehicle interior and color designers to put their aesthetic sense and talent for curating design elements to full use. Our flagship concept model, the Q80 Inspiration, expresses the warmth and beauty born from this craftsmanship throughout its interior, making it the very embodiment of the next generation of Infiniti. You can see the hand of the artist in the final execution of our designs.

Materials that Embody Design Concepts

The Infiniti brand is the expression of a romantic worldview―one achieved, for instance, through the encounter of utterly different sensibilities. The design elements of the Q80 Inspiration’s cabin reflect alternating aspects of a woman. The cabin fuses her contrasting moods of focus and relaxation in a single, coherent space, with the front reflecting her intensity and the back her desire to wrap herself in luxurious comfort. The intent is to not create a familiar sense of beauty, though, but rather to express the seductive allure inspired by the briefest glimpse of a striking woman.
Our designers selected leather as the material most suited to expressing the distinctive outlook of the Infiniti brand. Using their refined aesthetic senses they handpicked leather, from the countless varieties available, whose beauty, texture and feel best matched the desired image. Interior and color designers collaborated seamlessly, shaping and breathing life into the material.

Honing Materials to the Highest Quality

The leather selected as the main component of Infiniti’s interior presents many faces. We meticulously chose it even for the decorative aspects of the interior that are commonly created in wood, metal and other materials, presenting it in contrasts and combinations to form an atmosphere of luxury. This was done out of a desire to create an all-new Infiniti going beyond the boundaries of the premium sector. 

An example of this craftsmanship is the cracked leather of the instrument panel, which glows with rich character in the sunlight. Other aspects are the dashboard, doors and other areas of the interior, tailored using heavy, burnished saddle leather to provide a close-fitting finish.

The soft, quilted leather used for the rear seat envelops passengers in a cocoon of comfort. Designers created small prototypes to find the perfect balance between the thickness of leather and amount of cotton filling, as well as partial models of the finished seat, which they used to perfect the edging. The width of the rear seat’s quilting pattern varies, with broader diamonds used on the lower portion to create a flowing, artistic accent. The designers’ uncompromising approach took them through countless prototypes and partial models as they perfected the exquisitely quilted interior, stretching from the back headrest down to the floor and up the back of the front seat.

This commitment to leather for the interior and careful attention to the different looks and properties of the various types of the material have allowed us to successfully create one seamless space blending the two disparate underlying images.

Craftsmanship in the Smallest Details

The leather-crafting process involves various finishing techniques that match the types of leather being used. Stiff, full leather is stretched and held in place with heavy thread and wide-pitch stitching, while thin thread and narrow-pitch stitches provide a high-level finish to soft, pliable leather. A precise, hand-applied technique known as edge grooving adds a thin crease along the edge of the leather, increasing its strength and enhancing the finish.

Infiniti’s design team is united in its pursuit of the sense of fine tailoring. The interior and color designers provide a high level of professional insight, as well as an intimate knowledge of luxury leather products and timepieces. Their discerning eyes let them combine the finest materials, sewing techniques and finishing methods optimally, with their knowledge and skill reflected in even the minutest detail. Their deep understanding of the way a stitch finish can change with the choice of needle helps them choose just the specially ordered needle they need. In crafting the door trim from a single sheet of leather, the first attempt of its kind, they put all their innovation to work, inserting slits without splitting the leather and making use of visible edges to create the originality and quality that only tailoring can achieve.

Infiniti’s designers put their craftsmanship to work in the thoughtful selection of and dialogue with materials that produce a polished finish. Infiniti owners demand quality of the highest level, achieved through careful tailoring, and the Q80 Inspiration exemplifies this. To continue providing our customers with the satisfaction they have come to expect from our vehicles, we will continue our efforts to advance and enhance the craftsmanship of the Infiniti brand.

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