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The rating of a car and the value of an auto manufacturer’s brand are dependent on the customer’s appraisal of quality. Technical innovations are proceeding at a rapid pace in the automotive industry, and customers are demanding ever-higher levels of quality in the vehicles they purchase. A company can reinforce its brand by continually providing the value customers expect, but failing to meet expectations even once makes it harder to maintain a platform for providing new value to those customers.

Mobility needs are rising in the face of structural changes in the global economy, engendered by increased urbanization in countries around the world. Nissan is expanding production to fulfill its mission of offering people worldwide the rich benefits of mobility. At the same time, it believes that automakers have an important responsibility to constantly offer customers the kind of quality with which they will be satisfied.

Nissan aims to be a company trusted by its customers by addressing quality as a companywide issue. The company seeks to provide top-level quality to customers at every stage, from the planning of new vehicles through development, manufacturing, distribution and sales to after-sales service.

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Listening to Customer Feedback
Product Quality
Sales and Service Quality
Key Figures
Approximately 200,000 customer inquiries handled annually (Japan)

Nissan's Approach to Quality

There are many aspects to quality. Nissan seeks to provide high quality at all stages of the customer experience. To achieve this, Nissan pursues effective companywide cooperation at the cross-functional and cross-regional levels.

Nissan aims to be recognized by customers as a brand with top-level quality. The company is working on both product quality and sales and service quality.

The product quality of a vehicle is fundamental for a customer to use it safely and comfortably over the long term. Nissan aims to provide a high level of quality that meets customer expectations during the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. This includes the perceived quality when a customer opens the vehicle door in the showroom, sits in the seat and takes a test drive; the initial quality in the first year after purchase; and the durability that remains even after many years of use.

Nissan also conducts initiatives to increase customer satisfaction (CS) in the area of sales and service quality. The company aims to exceed expectations at every customer contact point, from visiting dealerships, purchasing a car and receiving maintenance to when the customer decides to replace the car. Nissan listens to customers and reflects their feedback in every process throughout the company in its pursuit of CS.

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