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The world faces many issues, ranging from climate change and energy security to overpopulation and poverty . In September 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit convened at the U.N. Headquarters with the participation of more than 150 countries. The resolution they adopted, “Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” includes goals forming “a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity.” Cooperation on a global scale is required to build a sustainable society, and companies are expected to develop and apply necessary technologies and solutions to tackle the world’s issues.

In addition to delivering innovative, exciting vehicles and outstanding services to customers worldwide, Nissan believes it is important to play an active role as a community member, applying its core capabilities to contributing further to society.

When a company provides a range of resources to communities, supporting their development and proactively tackling issues, it is, in part, fulfilling its social responsibility as a good corporate citizen. Such actions also benefit the company’s own operations, fostering a better business environment and creating new markets that can grow sustainably.

Nissan works with a variety of stakeholders, including governmental bodies and nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, to maximize the success of their initiatives. In line with Nissan’s corporate philanthropic policies, regional offices and affiliates work on initiatives that address issues relevant to their operations and the communities in which they operate.

Our Priorities
Three Focus Areas
  Humanitarian Support
Nissan as a Community Member
Key Figures
Global social contributions (FY2016)*

Approx. 1.6 billion yen
  • * Worldwide contributions, including donations and monetary contributions

Nissan's Approach to Philanthropy

Nissan's social-contribution activities focus mainly on the areas of the environment, education and humanitarian support. The company not only provides financial assistance but also pursues activities that are “distinctly Nissan,” making full use of its automotive heritage, expertise, products and facilities.

Nissan emphasizes communicating and working with specialized nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations that have great expertise in their fields to ensure that its social contributions are effective.

Nissan's local companies support employee involvement in social contribution activities.

More information can be found in the CSR Library.

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