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The needs of customers are becoming increasingly diverse. To meet these needs Nissan employees from different backgrounds must work together. Employees are the driving force for the sustainable growth of Nissan, and the company places great importance on establishing a workplace that maximizes the performance of all. The global expansion of Nissan’s corporate activities has meant the growing diversification of not only Nissan’s customers but also its employees. Work and lifestyle choices are changing, driven by demographic changes such as an aging population and urbanization. Nissan believes that for employees to work in a worry-free, self-initiated manner, they need to be able to pursue their careers regardless of gender, nationality or other factors and to choose from among various work styles to suit their particular stage of life. Skill development programs are another essential part of making the workplace attractive to employees.
The workplace environment is being strengthened around four pillars: “respecting diversity as a core component of management strategy,” “offering career development and learning opportunities,” “ensuring employee safety and health” and “strengthening internal communication.”

Our Priorities
Respect for Diversity
Career Development and Learning Opportunities
Building Safe Workplaces
Dialogue with Employeess
Key Figures
Consolidated number of employees
Ratio of managerial posts filled by women (global)
Turnover ratio (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)

Nissan's Approach to Employee

Nissan strives to create a meritocratic workplace where employees are motivated to rise to challenges and are able to work safely and comfortably.

Nissan ensures employee rights by requiring that all employees respect the human rights of others and forbids discrimination against or harassment of others based on race, nationality, gender, religion, physical capability, sexual orientation, age, place of origin or other reason. Nissan employees are empowered to report the discovery of discrimination in the workplace.

By respecting employee diversity, Nissan promotes the establishment of a work environment that maximizes the performance of every employee and encourages teamwork to achieve ambitious goals.

The company has established the Nissan Global Code of Conduct, which applies to all Group employees worldwide. It describes how employees should act, and the standards apply globally to all Nissan Group companies.

The Nissan Way is a guiding principle that aims to ensure sustainable growth by motivating each employee. Based on the company's belief that “the power comes from inside,” the Nissan Way outlines five mindsets and five actions. The Nissan Way is implemented throughout the Group to ensure that the activities of all employees lead to value creation for the customer.

The Nissan Way has been made available to employees worldwide in eight languages (Japanese, English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian). It places importance on approaching all issues with clarity and shared understanding as well as nurturing a mindset to achieve maximum results with minimum resources. It also encourages employees to pursue ambitious goals. Welcoming diversity by being inclusive of a variety of views can establish a work environment that maximizes the performance of every employee—regardless of gender or nationality—and engender new thinking that can contribute to the company's business performance.

Nissan employees are educated regarding the Nissan Way and are evaluated based on its principles. Best examples of implementing the Nissan Way are shared globally, and top executives communicate its importance throughout the company in an effort to promote its value.

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