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Economic Contribution

The global economy is today undergoing a dramatic shift. Countries around the world are seeing rapid urbanization, creating demand for improved infrastructure and transforming people’s needs for enhanced mobility solutions. As a global automaker, Nissan aims to provide mobility for all and to help create a sustainable mobility society . In working toward these goals, the company develops a detailed understanding of shifts in global economic power and works to expand its business geographically so as to provide its products and services in markets around the world. It is also globalizing all stages of its value chain, from the development and procurement of parts and materials to manufacturing, logistics and sales.
Nissan believes these actions must be accompanied by sustainable, profitable growth that benefits the company while also contributing to the economic development of society as a whole through the creation of jobs and regional development. This principle is behind the business strategies that Nissan formulates and implements in order to sustainably maximize the company’s economic value as a corporation. Through the corporate vision of Enriching People’s Lives, Nissan is pursuing technological innovation and creating value in wider society by establishing new markets, such as those for zero-emission vehicles, and by operating in a transparent manner through open disclosure of its performance to stakeholders.

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Nissan's Approach to Economic Contribution

Through its business activities, Nissan aims to create value and contribute to the development of a sustainable society. The company continues to implement business strategies to maximize its corporate value.

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