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Corporate Governance & Internal Control

To be a sustainable company, Nissan must display a high level of ethics and transparency, as well as a strong foundation for the organization. It is also expected that the company will actively disclose its initiatives to this end. Nissan has extensive global operations with numerous stakeholders around the world. It is essential that the company continue to earn their trust while ensuring the high ethical standards and compliance of all employees.

Rapid technological advances are transforming every industry, including the automotive industry, and the global economy is undergoing a period of great change. The risks that companies face are becoming ever more complex and require finely tuned responses. Nissan has established a corporate governance system that maintains business transparency. The system allows Nissan to implement various monitoring systems, as well as assess and effectively manage risks that have the potential of preventing the company from achieving its business goals. In addition to carrying out cooperation among sites in the regions in which it operates, Nissan has set up global management systems and provides relevant training programs to its employees and business partners.

Our Priorities
Corporate Governance System
Risk Management
Key Figures
Participation rate for Nissan Global Anti-BriberyPolicy and Export Control training during fiscal 2016
More than 95%

Nissan's Approach to Corporate Governance & Internal Control

Governance systems, compliance and risk management are key factors in Nissan's business management. The company's global approach to corporate governance is founded on three pillars: construction of a system in which management responsibility is clear and transparent, compliance built on the high ethical standards of all employees and an effective and appropriate risk-management system.

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