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About V-up Consulting

V-up program is:

  • To set issues which contribute to business performance,
  • To cross-functionally gather right people to solve the issues,
  • To be led by a "person" who is trained to solve issues, and
  • To surely solve the issues.

This is a program to make administrative jobs more efficient.
* Nissan has put it to practical use as a strategic drive force of its mid-term business plan since 2001.

Positioning in a company

Issue-Setting Process IDEA
  • Process to identify issues in great need for solution,
  • Break them down to adequate sizes,
  • Set priorities, and
  • Clearly define issues
Issue-Solving Process DECIDE
  • More suitable for complex issues with a conflict between several departments
  • People who are responsible for the total optimization are gathered.
  • Solutions to the issues are discussed and deployed to line operations to execute
  • It takes three to four months from setting up a team to providing solutions.
  • More suitable for day-to-day concerns and issues
  • Working-level people are gathered for the issues so as to implement solutions immediately.
  • Solutions will be provided in a one-day intensive meeting.

Introduction of V-up Consulting

"The Power Comes from Inside"
V-up Consulting will support you to bring out the best of your company.
We develop a scheme which is integrated with existing issue-solving and kaizen methods of your company.
*Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement.

  • We provide the best issue-solving approach for your company by combining commonly-used methods and tools with issue-solving stories.
  • By drawing out know-how and experiences of issue-solving members, you will arrive at the total optimum solutions which obtained company-wide consensus.


Dispatch of professional facilitators Our consultant will facilitate your business issue-solving meetings to break down and define issues and to discuss solutions.
V-up Issue-Solving Training Course
(Target: Senior staff members
to general managers)
Trainings for IDEA (Defining issues), DECIDE and V-FAST (Issue-solving) will be provided by using Nissan internal textbooks. We can also support you to solve actual issues after the trainings. (Our trainings focus on case studies and they are very practical.)
Support for Introducing V-up Program V-up will be introduced according to your company needs. Based on our experiences, we will give you advice on how to operate internal organizations to promote the program in your company.
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