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About Nissan Consulting

About APW Kaizen* Consulting

*Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement.

We provide Nissan's know-how developed through its automobile manufacturing to your fields (genba*) of manufacturing and service for higher competitiveness and profitability.

The Alliance Production Way (APW) is a production system in which our know-how in automobile manufacturing is accumulated. In APW, we always evaluate a system of material flow from three viewpoints: Quality, Cost and Time, and thoroughly eliminate redundancy in the system. APW is a system that enables us to provide our customers a high-quality product and service at the desired time and place through optimum processes, and is also a knowledge system that enhances itself.

*Genba is a Japanese term meaning the actual place where a product is developed and made or a service is provided.

Five Features of APW Consulting

Process of APW Kaizen Consulting

'Phase 1' Sharing a concrete 'want-to-be condition' with the client Setting genba indicators that reflect the client's managerial goals.
Future Vision and Target Setting - Current Status Evaluation - Setting Genba Kaizen Targets and Action Plan
'Phase 2' Genba kaizen OJT-style Ganba Kaizen/TQM*1 management
Genba Reformation - Review
'Phase 3' Establishing kaizen habits Developing PDCA cycle
Development of PDCA Cycle
*1 TQM = Total Quality Management. TQM is a management method to break down management strategy of a common corporate goal into kaizen targets and action plans at genba. *2 KPI = Key Performance Indicator. KPI are the most important quantitative indicators for evaluating performances against pre-set targets.
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