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Making the Most of Gender Diversity

More women are purchasing vehicles or involved with the purchasing decision than ever before. We believe it is critical to integrate a female perspective into our product and service development processes to address the needs of our female customers.

While the automotive industry has traditionally been more male-dominated, Nissan is working to maximize the strengths of our female workforce to add value to our customers’ experiences. For the annual recruitment process, Nissan sets a guiding ratio for female and male hires. We also leverage our talent development efforts to provide women with more career opportunities. As part of our corporate strategy, we are promoting more women to lead specific projects and organizations.

We regard the differences in approaching an issue from a male or female perspective as a first diversity step and believe that diversity of opinions should be leveraged as a competitive strength.

Female Career Advisors and Career Development (Japan)

Career advising meeting

Female career advisors are available to counsel our female employees. Advisors listen to concerns about work, career and work-life balance. They are a supportive resource to offer career development advice.

To further support female talent development, a career development session is held for each female staff member. Talking with the direct manager, an HR staff member and a career advisor provides the opportunity to discuss career path and create a career development plan. Follow-up talks provide support and guidance in carrying out the plan.

Training to Support Career Development (Japan)

Focusing on developing women for management positions, various career support programs are offered. These include internal training by job level, mentoring and round table events. These programs are designed to nurture career consciousness and facilitate growth. Global education programs also are available for female managers who demonstrate potential for corporate officer positions.

A Variety of Female Role Models (Japan)

Career introduction on the intranet

Nissan women are working and pursuing their careers across the globe. As of April 2014, 183 women were in management positions, and more than 80 women were working overseas assignments (excluding stays for training or short-term assignments).

Our survey results tell us that we need more women who can be role models. Listening to the feedback, we have posted interviews with our female staff on the diversity website. These stories provide insight from women working in different areas across the company.

Manufacturing Initiatives (Japan)

We face an aging workforce at our manufacturing plants, so it is critical to develop production lines that allow all of our employees to work with ease. Suggestions from our female employees, for example, have contributed to more ergonomically friendly production lines. In turn, this has improved efficiencies.

Initiatives at Sales Companies (Japan)

Nissan integrates the female viewpoint at our dealerships to provide better customer service. We promote the advancement of female car-life advisors who provide sales consultation. As well, Nissan is developing female technical advisors who conduct vehicle inspection and repair. At study sessions, female car-life advisors share their personal insights, which are valuable to their male colleagues.

A new project, “Nissan Lady First” (LF), also has launched. Through LF, female insights contribute to the interior design, service and events at LF dealerships. A comfortable shop for everyone is the motto for all LF dealerships.

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