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Making the Most of Cultural Diversity

Nissan's products are sold all around the world. Since customer expectations vary from market to market, according to different cultural and lifestyle needs, it is critical that employees of diverse nationalities and backgrounds play active roles at Nissan to meet the needs of our customers around the world.

Through our Renault alliance and business cooperation with partner companies, we have mutually benefited from cross-cultural experiences between companies and nations. These relationships have taught us about different perspectives and tastes. We believe that embracing and leveraging this cultural and national diversity gives us a global competitive advantage.

Cultural Diversity Training (Japan)

Nissan offers training sessions to match different cultural backgrounds to support smooth cross-cultural communications. There are French, Chinese, Indian, German and Japanese training sessions available. Renault employees participate in the Japanese cultural trainings to facilitate better collaboration with their Japanese colleagues. Cultural diversity is the foundation of our corporate culture.

Events on Cultural Diversity (Japan)

We organize cultural events where Japanese and non-Japanese employees can discuss issues and seek "win-win" solutions. Sharing one's ideas and experiences with others can lead to new insights and deepen understanding.

Cross-Cultural e-Learning (Japan)

Nissan's cross-cultural e-learning program for Japanese employees consists of a basic course about fundamental cultural differences and how to communicate both efficiently and effectively in a more globally oriented business environment. An advanced course uses business case studies from emerging countries, including India, China and Brazil, to help participants recognize cultural differences and subtle meanings in English expressions. These learning experiences help Nissan employees broaden their world understanding and enhance their communication skills.

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