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Post-3/11 Support Activities

Teaching Craftsmanship with Digital Tools

Nissan supported a workshop for kids called “Kids Fab CARAVAN”, conducted by the nonprofit organization, “Hug Japan”. Nissan also donated two vehicles, the zero-emissions LEAF and the NV350 CARAVAN commercial vehicle.

The Kids Fab CARAVAN program teaches the fun of crafts to children, using digital tools such as 3D printers and digital sewing machines. Participants are first instructed on the concepts and practice of crafts via digital fabrication, and then they take on a challenge. The LEAF donated by Nissan provided the electricity that powered all the digital equipment.

Hug Japan, the volunteer organization Fab Lab Shibuya and Tripod Design Co., Ltd. collaborated to manage the program, and approximately 1,700 children participated in the four prefectures of Ibaraki, Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate.

Examples of activities:

  • Using the paper cutter: Draw your favorite artwork to create a papercraft or pop art card.
  • Using the digital sewing machine: Embroider an original design or initials.
  • Using the laser cutter: Draw a picture in acrylic, cut using laser, and create an original button.

Website Link: hug japan  (Japanese Only)


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