Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School in OPEN YOKOHAMA

Lecture about global warming

Nissan held Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School at Pacifico Yokohama on August 23rd. This program is usually held at elementary schools in Kanagawa Prefecture, but this time it was held as part of "OPEN YOKOHAMA 2011" which is organized by Yokohama City, and both children and their parents participated in the event.

Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School aims to teach children about environmental issues and create opportunities for them to think about the environment while having fun. Consisting of three sessions, this program gives children a lecture and an opportunity to assemble a model fuel-cell car kit and to ride the company's innovative fuel-cell vehicle, "X-TRAIL FCV".
Ninety people from thirty-nine families participated in this event.

Assembling model fuel-cell car kits

Riding the real fuel-cell vehicle, "X-TRAIL FCV"

In the lecture, the lecturer explained about global warming and got children to think of the global warming and clean energy. Children raised their hands and actively answered the questions from the lecturer.

With the model fuel-cell car kit, the children assembled model cars and made them run with electricity produced by reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. When the model cars actually moved, not only the children but also their parents cheered widely with joy.

Before riding the real fuel-cell vehicle, "X-TRAIL FCV", the children made certain that they did not smell exhaust gas, and received explanation that the vehicle moves by reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. After the ride, they made comments such as "Surprisingly quiet" and "Faster than I thought". It was a good opportunity for both the children and their parents to feel the difference between the gasoline vehicle and FCV and to experience Nissan's environmental efforts.

After the event, the children were given "Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School Certificate". Parents made comments including, "It was really fun. We enjoyed it a lot."

Nissan will continuously create opportunities for children to think about the environment while having fun through Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School.

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