Nissan and Waseda University Volunteer Center co-hosted Environmental Volunteering School in Oppama Plant

Students from the university and the graduate school visited Oppama Plant on February 18, 2009 to think about environment by taking a tour of the environmental-related facilities and participating in the discussion on electric vehicles. These 27 students were recruited by the Waseda University Hirayama Ikuo Memorial Volunteer Center (WAVOC).

Nissan and Waseda University signed a memorandum of understanding concerning an organizational tie-up in February 2006. This event was planned and held following the last year as part of the cooperation in the area of corporate citizenship. Nissan and WAVOC jointly hosted the World Refugee Day Futsal Tournament in June 2006 and the Environmental Volunteering School at the Oppama Plant and Research Center in 2007.

In the morning, the participants attended the lecture on the general outline of the plant and its effort toward environment. After that, guided by Oppama plant staffs, they took a tour to the waste water treatment plant and the resource recycling center with having an active Q&A session during the tour. After visiting the wharf and "Furusato no mori", they saw and touched "Hyper Mini", which was released in 1999. Taking a lunch break, they prepared for the discussion in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, inviting additional three members from Global Environmental Planning Office, a group discussion, which subject was "Life with electric vehicles in 2010" was held. The participants, divided by four groups, discussed heatedly for 90 minutes and made presentations in the end. The students gave feedbacks with imaginative ideas, such as "what about dividing the battery by half for the short-range driving so that we can easily charge or switch the battery?" or "Is it possible to drive a car with generating and charging the battery from wind power while driving?". The event was inspiring for Nissan employees as well.

Nissan, with WAVOC, will continuously conduct the corporate citizenship activities where each of us can utilize our advantages through dialogue.

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