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Program Report
Introduction of Environmental Efforts at the Oppama Plant and Research Center

Nissan has assisted with the Environmental Volunteering School, which is jointly hosted by the Waseda University Hirayama Ikuo Memorial Volunteer Center (WAVOC) and the Eco-Future Committee of Waseda University.

Nissan and Waseda University signed a memorandum of understanding concerning an organizational tie-up in February 2006 and have moved forward with examining cooperation in the area of social contribution. Following the World Refugee Day Futsal Tournament in June 2006, Nissan provided assistance to the Environmental Volunteering School on January 12, 2007, conducting a tour showing Nissanís environmental efforts at the Oppama Plant and Research Center.

The Environmental Volunteering School is an extension program in which anyone registered with WAVOC can participate. The tour consisted of the four pillars of (1) a lecture (regarding Nissanís CSR-based environmental efforts and social contribution efforts, and the Research Center), (2) Oppama plant tour, (3) a test drive of a fuel cell vehicle (FCV), and (4) a technology exhibition and laboratory tour. The numerous participants were centered on Waseda University students from both humanities and science-related fields, and the tour was conducted for 37 people on that day.

The tour also allowed Nissan employees to see the high level of interest that outside people have in Nissan. Some of the feedback from participants is introduced below.

  • What made the biggest impression was the consideration for the workers at the plant. I was impressed with the easy-to-use levers and the cars moving up and down on the assembly lines. It seems like this would improve the production efficiency.
  • It was great being able to actually ride in an FCV. I was surprised that it didnít make any sound. I hope Nissan will work hard to commercialize it.
  • There was a lot of technical talk, which I found somewhat difficult because my major is humanities-related, but I am very pleased to have been able to encounter cutting-edge technologies.
  • Seeing the efforts and creativity of the people at the plant, I for the first time came to the realization that this is how our prosperous lifestyle is being sustained.
  • Being able to hear explanations on technologies, which you usually only read about in books, directly from people doing research on the front lines was very enjoyable and moving.
  • I am at the time when I have to think about looking for a job, and being able to see various people actually working actively at worksites was a very valuable experience.