Mission and Objectives

Nissan's Corporate Citizenship Activities

Nissan aims to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. At the same time, we desire to make enduring contributions to social development as a valued and trusted member of society. Under Nissan's corporate vision of "enriching people's lives", we always think what we can do to realize people's enriching life, and make social contributions continuously in the three main areas of "supporting education", "taking care of environment", and "providing humanitarian relief when necessary".

In our social contribution activities at Nissan, we place great importance on the following three points:

  1. Fostering a spirit of voluntary participation among employees
    We do our best to support the social contribution activities carried out by individual employees and we encourage as many of our people as possible to get involved in the spirit of corporate citizenship, with the aim of contributing as much as possible to society through such activities.
  2. Making the best use of our corporate strengths and qualities
    Some of our contributions are financial in nature, but we also aim to go beyond this by making full use of the resources built up through our business activities, such as our expertise and our facilities, to carry out sustainable activities.
  3. Cooperating with specialized NPOs and NGOs
    Nissan continually looks for ways to develop highly specialized programs to work with nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations in order to make its social contributions all the more effective and productive.

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