December 22, 1998

Nissan Releases All-New Cefiro

Tokyo ] Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the domestic release of the new-generation Cefiro following the implementation of a full model change.

Cefiro 25 Excimo

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Cefirofs debut, and this latest model is the third generation of this distinguished series. With the Cefiro, Nissan has aimed to provide a superior-quality, highly rational sedan that is distinctly different from currently available large sedans, which have tended to push luxuriousness to the forefront. Over the years the Cefiro has been highly acclaimed by customers not only in Japan but also in approximately 130 countries worldwide as a car that always provides new value in accord with the times.

This newest Cefiro model has been developed around the concept of gall-around relaxing performanceh in an eminently comfortable new-generation sedan that everyone will always find pleasing and enjoyable in a variety of situations. To accomplish that aim, the Cefiro embodies the concept of a universal design to enable ease of use by everyone, regardless of age, gender or individual differences, as well as an array of cutting-edge technologies, including a direct-injection engine.

The exterior design has been executed with a dolphin motif, symbolizing intelligence and peace of mind. Moreover, the design pursues the concept of a gvisual bodyh to enable the driver see the four corners of the vehicle and to sense its position easily at all times.

On the inside, the Cefiro has the roominess of a Cima-class sedan, thanks to its longer wheelbase, and comes with a long roster of convenience and comfort features for full relaxation. The universal design concept has also been utilized extensively to create an interior that will be easy for anyone to use with complete satisfaction.

In the area of driving performance, the 2.5-liter models are fitted with the NEO Di VQ25DD direct-injection V6 engine that has been newly developed to provide greater power while simultaneously improving fuel economy substantially. Featured on the 2.0-liter models is the NEO VQ20DE lean-burn V6 engine that also improves both power output and fuel economy. Moreover, ride comfort, handling and stability have been further enhanced by adopting a newly developed rear Multi-link Beam Suspension with Super Toe Control (STC).

Safety performance has also been vigorously pursued. In addition to its high-strength Zone Body construction for excellent crashworthiness, the Cefiro comes with Front-Seat Active Head Restraints designed to help mitigate whiplash injuries in rear-end collisions. It also adopts the Occupant-Friendly Upper Interior that helps cushion secondary impacts in a collision. Another newly adopted safety feature is a Pedestrian-Friendly Front Bumper that helps reduce lower leg and knee injuries in the event of an impact.

On the environmental front, the direct-injection engine and the lean-burn engine reduce CO2 emissions under Japanfs 10-15 test mode by approximately 20% and 10%, respectively, compared with the previous model. In addition, all 2.5-liter models are available with a low-emission vehicle (LEV) specification that achieves notably cleaner exhaust gas by reducing emissions, including carbon monoxide (CO), to around one-tenth of the average values required under Japanfs current exhaust emission standards.

Overview of New Cefiro
1. Exterior]relaxing to look at
Designed with a dolphin motif
The exterior styling conveys an image of intelligence and peace of mind, symbolic of the dolphin. This is accomplished by the smooth, flowing look of the design, while still possessing a sense of volume that gives the impression of stability characteristic of a sedan.

The treatment of the headlamps accentuates the four lamps and imparts a fresh, premium-quality image.

"Visual body"
Both sides of the hood have been raised at the front and the rear edge of the trunk lid has been pinched up to form a "visual body" that makes it easier for the driver to know the vehicle's exact position at all times.

2. Interior and packaging]relaxing to ride in
Spacious cabin for a relaxing ambience
The wheelbase has been extended to 2,750 mm, 50 mm longer than that of the previous model, to create a comfortable interior with a feeling of openness and the spaciousness of a Cima-class sedan.

The interior has a host of handy storage places and is fitted with a host of appointments for complete relaxation, including a rear power sunshade and a pop-up center armrest.

Boasting a VDA storage capacity of 540 liters, the trunk ranks as one of the largest in the Cefiro's class. All models come with a trunk pass-through feature with the 60/40 split rear seatbacks folding down to allow convenient access to the luggage area. Moreover, a multi-use trunk net is standard for easily securing both small and large items as desired.

User-friendly interior resulting from universal design concept
The Cefiro design pursues improved legibility, operating ease and ease of ingress/egress based on the concept of a universal design that affords ease of use for everyone, regardless of age, gender or individual differences.
(1) Improved operating ease: Control switches are intuitively located and are easy to distinguish by their shape and size.
(2) Improved legibility: Highly legible instrumentation allows quick judgment by the driver.
(3) Improved ingress/egress: Door openings are larger, doors open wider and seats have a higher hip point.

3. Driving performance]relaxing to drive
Cutting-edge engine technology for power in reserve plus low fuel consumption
New NEO Di VQ25DD engine with direct-injection and LEV specifications
The NEO Di VQ25DD direct-injection engine has been newly developed based on the VQ25DE engine, which enjoys immense popularity for its snappy throttle response, powerful low-end torque and excellent fuel economy. It incorporates an array of cutting-edge technologies, such as continuously variable valve timing control, a new variable induction system and an electronically controlled swirl control valve. These advanced features enable the engine to achieve substantial improvements in both fuel economy and power output, attaining a fuel economy figure of 12.6 km/l under Japanfs 10-15 test mode operation and maximum power of 210 PS.

For enhanced environmental friendliness, the NEO Di VQ25DD engine is provided in a low-emission vehicle (LEV) specification package that emits approximately 20% less CO2 than the previous model and also reduces exhaust emissions, including CO, to approximately one-tenth of the levels currently required under Japan's exhaust emission regulations.

New NEO VQ20DE lean-burn engine
This lean-burn engine has been created on the basis of the VQ20DE engine renown for its high response and low fuel consumption. The application of precise air/fuel ratio control accomplished with a 32-bit microcontroller and a swirl control valve to strengthen in-cylinder gas flow achieves stable lean-burn combustion to provide outstanding fuel economy and power output ranking at the top of its class.

New rear Multi-link Beam Suspension with STC
The Cefiro adopts the new rear Multi-link Beam Suspension with Super Toe Control (STC), representing an improved version of the rear Multi-Link Beam Suspension that has an excellent reputation as a rear suspension designed for front-wheel-drive vehicles. In this new version, the lateral links have been moved from the front to the rear of the torsion beam to improve ride comfort, handling, stability and noise and vibration performance.

4. Safety and environmental performance]relaxing for people and the Earth
High-level safety performance
The Cefiro incorporates an extensive roster of safety technologies based on Nissanfs Triple Safety concept to provide high-level safety performance. Triple Safety comprises the three principles of ginformation safetyh for forewarning the driver of potential danger, gcontrol safetyh for assisting the driver in avoiding potential danger, and gimpact safetyh for helping reduce injury in the event of an accident. Major safety features include:
Nissanfs high-strength Zone Body construction for excellent crashworthiness
Front-Seat Active Head Restraints designed to help mitigate whiplash injuries
A pedestrian-friendly front bumper that incorporates energy-absorbing materials to help reduce lower leg and knee injuries in frontal impacts at low to intermediate speeds
An ABS + Braking Assist + Electronic Braking Force Distribution (EBD) package for reassuring braking performance in response to a wide range of changes in the driving environment

Vigorous environmental protection
The direct-injection engine and the lean-burn engine have been adopted as measures for preventing global warming by reducing CO2 emissions. The 2.5-liter models cut CO2 emissions by approximately 20% and the 2.0-liter models by approximately 10% compared with the previous model under Japanfs 10-15 test mode operation.

To prevent air pollution, all 2.5-liter models are available with a low-emission vehicle (LEV) specification that reduces carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to around one-tenth of the average values currently specified under Japanfs exhaust emission regulations.

The Cefiro achieves a recyclable rate of 90% by weight according to Nissanfs own calculation criteria.

Steps have been taken to reduce the use of lead by adopting lead-free materials for the radiator and heater cores, fuel tank and other parts. In addition, vigorous measures have been implemented to improve overall environmental friendliness, including the preservation of water quality.

Price Range and Sales Target
The new Cefiro is priced in a range from 2,071,000yen to 3,200,000yen in the Tokyo area. Nissan projects a monthly sales volume of 4,000 units.

Grade 25Excimo (2WD)
Overall Length (mm) 4,785
Overall Width (mm) 1,780
Overall Height (mm) 1,440
Wheelbase (mm) 2,750
Tread Front (mm) 1,530
Rear (mm) 1,510
Ground Clearance (mm) 150
Curb Weight (kg) 1,450
Turning Radius (m) 5.4
Steering Rack & pinion
with power assistance
Suspension Front Struts
Rear S.T.C.Multi- link beam
Brakes Front Ventilated disks
Rear Disks
Tires Front 205/65R15 94S
Rear 205/65R15 94S
Type VQ25DD DOHC, V6
Displacement (cc) 2,495
Bore ~ Stroke (mm) 85.0 ~ 73.3
Max. Power (PS/rpm) 210/6,400
Max. Torque (kg-m/rpm) 27.0/4,400
Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Induction DI
Electronically controlled 4-speed Automatic Transmission
Gear Ratio
1st 2.785
2nd 1.545
3rd 1.000
4th 0.694
Reverse 2.272
Final 4.087

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