June 23, 1998

Nissan Releases All-NewgPresageh, Minivan Cruiser

Tokyo ] Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the domestic release of the all-new Presage, a premium-quality minivan designed around the concept of a "minivan cruiser" and embodying genuine grand touring car attributes.

CIII (2WD model powered by a 2.4-liter gasoline engine and equipped with optional features)

The Presage minivan cruiser derives its image from the luxury performance cruisers that powerfully cruise the expansive Pacific Ocean. Besides providing the roomy practicality of a conventional minivan in a more luxurious and comfortable package, it delivers the authentic qualities of a grand touring car.

Its grand touring car character is vividly brought to life by the three highly distinctive engines offered. The selection comprises the newly developed 2.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder YD25DDTi , NEO Di direct-injection diesel engine that achieves class-leading power of 150 PS and unprecedented interior quietness for a diesel vehicle, the 3.0-liter V-6 VQ30DE gasoline engine renowned for its spirited driving performance and featured for the first time in a minivan application, and the 2.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder KA24DE gasoline engine that delivers powerful performance in city driving and exhilarating acceleration in the high-speed range. Moreover, a highly rigid body, providing superb handling and stability, a supple ride and noticeable quietness, combines with the specially tuned suspension to support remarkably comfortable travel in a spacious interior.

In addition to these impressive attributes, the Presage's high-class image of superior quality will fully satisfy even owners who switch from a luxury sedan. The exterior is distinguished by its dynamic yet refined styling, while notable quietness is provided inside even for third-row passengers, thanks to the new Active Control Engine Mount (ACM, adopted on YD25DDTi-equipped models) and the high body rigidity. The stellar-quality interior is fitted with seats designed with top priority on comfort so that all passengers, regardless of where they sit, enjoy an eminently comfortable ride.

The Presage also comes with a vast array of advanced safety features to ensure the safety and security of the driver and passengers. These include a newly developed Electronic Braking Force Distribution (EBD) system that works in concert with the Braking Assist System (a brake booster with a two-stage mechanical assist mechanism plus ABS) to provide outstanding braking control. Another safety technology offered is a laser radar system that supports the driver's recognition and judgment of the driving environment by advising the driver when approaching too closely to a preceding vehicle.

Meticulous attention has also been paid to environmental friendliness. A notable example is the YD25DDTi direct-injection diesel engine which improves fuel economy by approximately 40% over that of current diesel-engine vehicles and emits about 30% less carbon dioxide (CO2). It also incorporates Nissan's unique Modulated Fire (M-Fire) combustion system that substantially reduces black smoke while at the same time cutting nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 35%. In addition, the Presage lineup includes low-emission vehicles (LEVs)]models fitted with the VQ30DE engine]that achieve notably cleaner exhaust emissions by reducing NOx and other exhaust substances to approximately one-tenth of the average values currently required under Japan's exhaust emissions standards.

Origin of the Model Name

The car takes its name from the French word "pr}sage," meaning presentiment. It signifies that the Presage anticipates lifestyle needs in the coming new age of the 21st century and also suggests the sporty performance that drivers can expect to enjoy in this minivan.

Overview of New Presage

1. Dynamic yet refined styling
The Presage's refined body form is achieved by a dynamic front view that makes a distinctive styling statement, a side view characterized by a sharp, vibrant look and a rear view that conveys a wide, stable impression.

2. Packaging for a comfortable, spacious interiorWhile executed with the overall length of existing minivans, the Presage has an interior length of 3,208 mm from the accelerator pedal to the back door trim, allowing generous knee room in the rear seats for greater occupant comfort. (Second-row seats slide to create knee room for the second- and third-row passengers equal to that of the Cedric and Laurel sedans, respectively.) The completely flat floor from the front seats to the third-row seats and the 1,200 mm interior height also allow ample walk-through convenience.

The rear side doors on both sides open wide to nearly 90 degrees to ensure superior ease of ingress/egress for the rear passengers.

Swivel captain's chairs are used as the front seating system, and the long-sliding second-row seats, incorporating seatback tables, feature 300 mm of longitudinal travel while still allowing passenger seating. The front and second-row seats fold down fully flat together, as do the second- and third-row seats. The third-row seats also fold up conveniently toward the sides. All of these thoughtful features combine to allow exceptionally versatile seating arrangements.

The Presage also provides agile maneuverability for outstanding driving ease. Models fitted with 205 tires achieve a minimum turning radius of 5.4 meters and a wall-to-wall turning radius of 5.8 meters. The corresponding figures for models equipped with 215 tires are 5.7 meters and 6.1 meters. A corner and rear ultrasonic sensing system is also offered that assists drivers in knowing the car's position by using indicator lamps and a buzzer to alert them to the presence of hard-to-see objects.

3. Stellar-quality interior for complete satisfaction
The interior features a sporty instrument panel that seemingly wraps around the driver, extensive use of handsome wood-grain panels and downy pillar fabric, among other accents, to create a sporty ambience imbued with a feeling of stellar quality.

Seats designed with foremost emphasis on comfort have been adopted in all positions. They have an ample cushion thickness and cushion length for firm thigh support to just behind the knees and display an excellent capacity to absorb vibration. The seats ensure that occupants enjoy a superbly comfortable ride with minimal fatigue even on long journeys.

Personal lamps handy for reading and for easier ingress/egress are provided along with large dome lamps that uniformly distribute light from an inner lens to provide brighter illumination than conventional ones in areas other than directly below the lamps. These and other lamps provide ample illumination for greater interior comfort. A luggage area lamp with an adjustable lens angle is also installed on the inside of the back door for enhanced convenience.

4. Highly rigid body and choice of three engines for grand touring car qualities
The new 2.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder YD25DDTi, NEO Di direct-injection diesel engine (with a turbocharger and an intercooler) generates class-leading power of 150 PS/4000 rpm for superior driving performance unprecedented in diesel-engine vehicles. Moreover, this engine incorporates Nissan's original M-Fire combustion concept for vastly cleaner combustion, which significantly reduces black smoke while simultaneously cutting NOx emissions by 35% compared with current diesel-engine vehicles. It also reduces interior noise and vibration to exceptionally low levels previously unattained in diesel vehicles. In addition, this new engine improves fuel economy by roughly 40% over present diesel-engine vehicles and emits approximately 30% less CO2.

The 3.0-liter V-6 VQ30DE gasoline engine, highly acclaimed for its spirited driving performance, snappy throttle response and outstanding quietness, has been specifically refined for use on the Presage. Induction noise has been reduced by decreasing the air intake duct diameter and increasing the air cleaner capacity, among other measures, to achieve an even quieter, more comfortable interior. All models fitted with the VQ30DE engine have LEV specifications to reduce NOx and other exhaust gases to approximately one-tenth of the levels currently specified by Japan's exhaust emissions standards..

As a result of changing the valve timing and making other improvements, the 2.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder KA24DE gasoline engine generates approximately 1 kgm more torque near 2000 rpm than the current version. This added output further improves driveability in the practical speed range of everyday use, providing powerful performance in city driving combined with invigorating acceleration in the high-speed range.

A highly rigid body construction has been achieved by the front side members with their large cross section and straight arrangement, optimal positioning of the outrigger structure and the reinforcements applied around the rear pillars. This high body rigidity allows quick suspension response during cornering to provide outstanding handling and stability along with a supple ride.

The Presage comes with an active damper suspension that controls the dampers electronically to achieve an optimum balance of superb handling and stability combined with superior ride comfort. Such qualities are normally contradictory in the performance required of an automotive suspension.

Models fitted with the YD25DDTi engine feature Nissan's new Active Control Engine Mount (ACM), the world's first engine mount to incorporate adaptive control. The ACM dramatically reduces interior noise and vibration under all driving conditions from engine idling to high-speed cruising. Moreover, models equipped with the VQ30DE engine or the KA24DE engine adopt electronically controlled engine mounts or fluid-filled engine mounts, respectively, for impressive interior quietness.

5. High-level safety
All Nissan vehicles are designed and engineered for high-level safety on the basis of Nissan's comprehensive Triple Safety concept comprising three principles of safety. The first of these key principles is "information safety" for forewarning the driver of potential danger, the second principle is "control safety" for assisting the driver in avoiding potential danger and the third principle is "impact safety" for helping reduce injury in the event of an accident. In line with this Triple Safety concept, the Presage incorporates an extensive roster of safety features to provide a high level of overall safety performance.

The body adopts Nissan's high-strength Zone Body construction that would meet the side impact standards set to be enforced in Japan and Europe in October of this year. The Presage is sturdy enough to satisfy these rigorous standards although this model is not actually subject to them because its hip point is more than 700 mm from the ground.

The 2WD models feature the new Electronic Braking Force Distribution (EBD) system that uses electronic control to optimally distribute braking force to the front and rear wheels according to changes in the payload (number of passengers) being carried. This system works in tandem with the Braking Assist system (a brake booster with a two-stage mechanical assist mechanism plus ABS) to achieve synergies between effective utilization of front and rear braking force (EBD) and reduced pedal pressure (Braking Assist). As a result, more powerful braking performance is obtained with less pedal pressure in emergency braking situations even when carrying a large payload. The 4WD models also provide the nearly same high level of braking performance by adopting a load sensing valve (LSV) as a mechanical braking force distribution system in a set with the Braking Assist system.

A newly developed laser radar system has also been adopted that supports the driver's recognition and judgment of the driving environment by advising the driver when approaching too closely to a preceding vehicle. The distance to a vehicle ahead is measured by a laser radar sensor mounted at the front of the Presage. If that distance is less than a predetermined inter-vehicle distance, calculated from the speeds of the two vehicles, the system flashes a dashboard indicator lamp and sounds a buzzer to advise the driver.Intermittent multi-link windshield wipers are used that provide a wider wiping area than conventional wipers for greater forward visibility, especially in the windshieldfs upper left-hand corner.

6. Enhanced environmental friendliness
Nissan is moving ahead with a vigorous program of company-wide measures to promote environmental friendliness and effective utilization of natural resources.

In the Presage lineup, all models powered by the VQ30DE engine feature LEV specifications for a dramatic reduction in carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to around one-tenth of the average regulation values currently specified for operation under Japan's 10-15 test mode. Presage models fitted with the YD25DDTi NEO Di diesel engine also contribute to the prevention of air pollution and global warming by incorporating Nissan's unique M-Fire combustion concept that improves fuel economy by approximately 40% and reduces CO2 emissions by about 30% compared with current diesel-engine vehicles. In addition to these measures, Nissan has used easy-to-recycle materials for numerous Presage parts and has taken vigorous steps to preserve water quality and reduce the use of lead, among other efforts.

Presage LEV Exhaust Emission Data (10-15 test mode) (g/km)




Presage LEV




Japan's exhaust emissions standards values (average)




Rate of reduction




Price Range and Sales Target
The new Presage is priced in a range from 1,898,000 yen to 3,088,000 yen in the Tokyo area. Nissan projects a monthly sales volume of 6,000 units.


Grade @@ CIII (2WD Gasoline 2,400 E-AT)
Overall Length (mm) 4,755
Overall Width (mm) 1,770
Overall Height (mm) 1,720
Wheel base (mm) 2,800
Tread Front (mm) 1,535
Rear (mm) 1,520
Ground Clearance (mm) 150
Curb Weight (kg) 1,620
Turning Radius (m) 5.4
Steering Rack & Pinion
with power assistance
Suspension Front Independent, Struts
Rear Multi-link beam
Brakes Front Ventilated disks
Rear Leading-trailing
Tires Front 205/65R15 94S
Rear 205/65R15 94S
Type KA24DE DOHC, In-line 4
Displacement (cc) 2,388
Bore x Stroke (mm) 89.0 x 96.0
Max. Power (PS/rpm) 150/5,600
Max. Torque (kg-m/rpm) 22.0/4,400
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Induction EGI(ECCS)
Electronically controlled 4-speed Automatic Transmission
Gear ratio
1st 2.785
2nd 1.545
3rd 1.000
4th 0.694
5th -
Reverse 2.272
Final 4.425

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In conjunction with the release of the Presage, Autech Japan, Inc., a Nissan affiliate, is adding two new models to its lineup]the Presage Axis featuring special specifications and the Presage Enchante lifecare vehicle. The Presage Axis was released today throughout Japan and the Presage Enchante is scheduled to be released nationwide on July 23.

Overview of Presage Axis

The Presage Axis has been developed around the concept of "a sportier and more luxurious" model and features different exterior and interior trim parts from the Presage. On the outside, the car's sporty, high-class image has been further accentuated by adopting an original design for the exterior and the wheels. On the inside, an interior with an overwhelming feeling of luxury has been created through total interior trim coordination featuring handsome wood-grain inserts and a beige color scheme.

Overview of Presage Enchante

The Presage Enchante features special specifications for persons with leg disabilities, senior citizens and others who experience difficulty in getting in and out of vehicles. It is fitted with a "slide-out lift seat" as a standard front passenger's seat, which can be turned and slid out manually from outside the vehicle and raised and lowered by means of an electric motor for easy ingress/egress.

Price Range
The Presage Axis is priced in a range from 2,648,000 yen to 3,138,000 yen in the Tokyo area.
The Presage Enchant} is priced in a range from 2,796,000 yen to 3,286,000 yen in the Tokyo area.

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