November 20, 2000

Nissan 1.8 Litter Engine of Bluebird Sylphy Receives RJC Technology of The Year Award
The QG18DE Petroleum Engine, Cleaner Than City Atmosphere, Wins

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today received 2001 RJC Technology of The Year from Automotive Researcher's & Journalists' Conference of Japan (RJC).

The QG18DE Engine of Bluebird Sylphy was given the award for its advanced super low emission technologies that contribute to climatic and environmental protection.

This is the second consecutive year for Nissan to receive RJC Technology of The Year following the Extroid CVT of the Cedric/Gloria awarded as 2000 RJC Technology Of The Year.

This QG18DE engine in the new gasoline-fueled sedan dramatically improved emission performance, achieving exhaust emission levels that are more than 50% lower than the standards of the "cleanest exhaust emission" level*1 specified under the Ministry of Transport's low-emission vehicle certification system. It provides emission control performance equivalent to that of the Sentra CA Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV)*2 that has been certified as "the world's cleanest gasoline-fueled car." Approximately 60% of the Bluebird Sylphy users chose this super low emission QG18DE(2WD) model, resulting in the most popular model among the line-up.

*1 Exhaust emissions are further reduced by 75% from the amounts allowed by the 2000 exhaust emission regulations to attain the most stringent level specified under the low-emission vehicle certification system inaugurated by the Ministry of Transport in April 2000. This system is intended to promote the penetration of low-emission vehicles through their selection by ordinary consumers.
Japan's 2000 exhaust emission regulations, set to be enforced on October 1, require that carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions be reduced by approximately two-thirds from the current regulation levels even after 80,000 km of driving (Nissan's in-house measurement mode). They also further tighten the allowable evaporative emission level and require the provision of an onboard diagnostic system for emission control components, among other requirements.
*2 The Sentra CA became the first gasoline-fueled car to qualify for partial zero emission vehicle credits in California from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in November 1999. The tailpipe emission levels of the Bluebird
Sylphy 1.8-litter (2WD) models are equal to those of the Sentra CA, certified as "the world's cleanest gasoline-fueled SULEV."

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