From: Corporate Communications Dept.
Date: October 1, 1999

A World First: "EXTROID CVT" New Generation Transmission Brought to the Market

- Installed in the Cedric and the Gloria -

Tokyo - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., has developed the EXTROID CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), achieving a world first by successfully bringing it to the market. The additional models of the Cedric and Gloria are to be fitted with the EXTROID CVT, and sales will start in Japan on November 8.

Differing from the conventional belt-drive CVT, the EXTROID CVT uses discs and power rollers for power transmission, and now it will be marketed commercially in automobiles for the first time in the world. The EXTROID CVT comprises the entirety of Nissan's CVT technology, and in addition to achieving quick response and the smooth and powerful acceleration suitable for luxury cars, it can handle the large torque of a 3-liter turbocharged engine. Also, in comparison to a conventional automatic transmission, there is a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency. In addition, it is equipped with a six-speed manual shift mode with Dualmatic, permitting shifting with the steering wheel switch as well as with the gear lever, thus allowing the enjoyment of the sporty feel unique to manual shifting.

Outline of the EXTROID CVT

1.Outstanding benefits of the EXTROID CVT

  • Quick response and smooth ratio changes

    As the power rollers move with a small force and respond instantaneously to the force from an input disc, quick response is achieved.

  • High torque capacity

    The ability to handle a high torque of 39.5 kg-m is achieved through, among other things, the use of newly developed material and the adoption of dual-cavity design consisting of two sets of input/output discs and power rollers.

  • Improved fuel economy

    The fuel economy has been improved by approximately 10% in comparison to conventional automatic transmissions by varying the gear ratio continuously suffering no power loss during shifting, expanded range of the lockup operation for the torque converter, total electronic control, etc.

2. Principle of the EXTROID CVT transmission

  • The EXTROID CVT receives the drive power from the engine with the input disc, and power is relayed by transmitting the rotation of the input disc by the power rollers to the output disc. By changing the tilt of the power rollers continuously, the EXTROID CVT executes smooth, continuous gear ratio changes.

3. 6-speed manual shift mode

  • The EXTROID CVT has a Dualmatic six-speed manual shift mode permitting shifting by the shift lever or by steering wheel-mounted shift buttons, thus allowing the full enjoyment of sporty driving performance.

Outline of the models equipped with the EXTROID CVT

The Cedric and the Gloria were unveiled and marketed in June under the concept of "a new generation luxury personal sedan that provides fresh excitement every time you see it and drive," and since then they have been highly acclaimed by many customers.

Now the additional models of the Cedric and Gloria are to be introduced with the newly developed EXTROID CVT for rear-wheel-drive cars powered by large displacement engines, proposing "an unprecedented emotion."

Cars equipped with the EXTROID CVT will have an especially coordinated interior, featuring the bright color ivory, real leather seats, real wood grain panels, etc., thus increasing the feeling of luxury even further. In addition, the Cedric 300 VIP-Z and the Gloria 300 ULTIMA-Z V package are to be equipped with active damper suspension.

<Sales target: 200 vehicles/month>
(Cedric: 60 vehicles/month, Gloria: 140 vehicles/month)

Desired retail price in the Tokyo area (consumption tax not included)

Cedric (Unit: 1000 Yen)
Drive Grade Engine Tokyo
2WD 300VIP-Z VQ30DET 5,500
300LX-Z S package 4,770

The transmission for all cars is the EXTROID CVT-M6 Dualmatic (continuously variable transmission).

Gloria (Unit: 1000 Yen)
Drive Grade Engine Tokyo
2WD 300 Ultima-Z V package VQ30DET 5,550
300 Ultima-Z 4,710

The transmission for all cars is the EXTROID CVT-M6 Dualmatic (continuously variable transmission).

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