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Not only such EV-unique features as zero carbon dioxide emission and low noise, countless other new technologies are condensed into "Nissan LEAF". High-power motor and inerter, high-power lithium-battery are only some of them.
Not only each technology is state-of-art, all the technologies applied to Nissan LEAF were assembled and tuned in the way that each of them can function to its best. When running on a sloping road, Nissan LEAF's motor regenerate electrical energy that charges the onboard batteries. The vehicle also has the IT telecommunication system onboard which enabales the driver to search the nearby charging stations, check the charging status or control the air-conditioning via his bovile handset even before he gets in the car. Yes, making an automobile that is friendly to both people and society is only possible by the best balanced combination of the conventional technologies backed by our long track record as an automaker and EV-unique features.

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