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Developing and diffusing electric vehicle is not the goal of our "Zero Emission" mission.
While "Nissan LEAF" can be fully charged by a household electrical outlet, Nissan is also enthusiastically developing the infrastructure for charging out-of-home. Not only partnering with local governments and third party organizations and corporations, we have been installing charging stations at Nissan dealer outlets throughout the country. Furthermore, Nissan is developing a quick charger in-house and trying to diffuse it so that it can be offered at lower prices.
The more charging stations get installed, the more comfortable and worry-free the life with EV would become.
Nissan also has s\established a business to recycle EV batteries as household batteries. As a matter of fact, powering the EV is no longer the only role of its batteries - Nissan is developing a way to supply the electric power storeed in the batteries back to the household (LEAF to Home).
The zero emission society that is friendly to both nature and people is already right next to you, if not you are already in it.

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