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5 GUESTS "Mobility"

We get around our towns and cities in all kinds of ways - on foot, by train, by bicycle, by bus. And, of course, by car. And, more and more, our transport systems connect together.

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"Round-the-world Yachtsman" Mike Perham

Mike Perham
Mike on his 50-foot yacht, Totally Money, in which he sailed single-handed around the world

What is your ideal means of getting around?

In a perfect world, I would love to be able to fly around. I know someone who owns a helicopter and uses it almost every day to travel. I'm seriously envious.

What technologies were most vital to you when you sailed around the world?

When I sailed around the world, I found the most vital bit of technology on board to be my satellite tracking system, because it allowed my parents know where I was - and stopped them worrying about me! 

Also without my sophisticated communications equipment, I wouldn't have been able to tell the world about everything that was happening on board.

What discoveries have you made about getting around or traveling by yacht, as opposed to getting around by car or train etc?

I find that when I'm sailing from one place to another it is so much more relaxing than conventional means of transport. Yes, sailing a yacht from one place to another is probably more challenging, but with that small challenge, comes the feeling of achievement when you reach your destination.

How do you think we should approach mobility in terms of looking after the environment?

I think we should use more forms of non polluting transport in our day to day life such as cycling to work or using more fuel efficient cars.

As individuals,  we can put in more effort to reduce our daily pollution. Little things such as not using the car when we can walk, and turning off the lights in the house when they aren't necessary will in the long run. make a big difference.