January 13, 2014

–Third in a Series of Nissan Concepts – Resonance, Friend-ME and Sport Sedan Concept – Defines the Next Generation in Coupes, Sedans and Crossovers –


First there was the Nissan Resonance, with its boldly futuristic aerodynamic styling signalling the direction of upcoming Nissan mid-size crossovers. It made its world debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

Then came the Nissan Friend-ME, showcased at Auto Shanghai 2013, with its category-busting energetic and provocative modern design.

And now, making its world debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit comes the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept – applying real sports car performance standards and new design philosophies to a 4-door sedan.

Together the three concept models form the roadmap to the next generation of Nissan exterior and interior design evolution – and the global design-led renaissance of the Nissan brand.

“Nissan's design language is our brand promise – Innovation and Excitement for Everyone – rendered in metal," said Nissan Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura. “We are continually pushing the envelope, as the Sport Sedan Concept shows. It is a car that is more emotional, more exciting and that provides a strong hint of the design direction we are taking."

Though targeted for specific markets and customers, Resonance, Friend-ME and now the Sport Sedan Concept share distinctive and memorable design signatures.
The strong front end is marked by Nissan's “V-Motion" movement, which flows from the front grille through the hood to create an impressive cadence and emotional attitude. The unique boomerang-shaped lighting signature also accentuates the rear designs of each vehicle.


The innovative “floating" roof, also featured prominently on Resonance, Friend-ME and the new Sport Sedan Concept, gives an impressive sense of lightness and sophistication. The thin, sculpted pillars make the cabins of each concept appear less heavy and help open the greenhouse for an airy, inviting interior environment.


Resonance, Friend-ME and Sport Sedan Concept also share an edgy muscularity, derived from their low, wide stances with tires placed far out to the corners. The designs also utilize short front and rear overhangs, reduced ground clearances and small gaps between wheels and fenders. The resulting look imparts a sporty and athletic strength, rather than brute and aggressive force.

Inside, the trio of advanced concepts provide private-yet-connected spaces for drivers and passengers. The high tech, streamlined feel of each interior derives from a combination of magnetic detailing and use of high-contrast interior colors and materials.

“These distinctive design aspects will be applied to all future Nissan models," Nakamura concludes. “Nissan design will possess consistency and diversity which covers all body types, from sedan to crossovers."


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