October 5, 2012

Nissan Releases All-new Latio

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Oct. 5, 2012) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the all-new Nissan Latio, which goes on sale today nationwide at Nissan dealers throughout Japan.

Latio X

Latio X

The new Latio, developed as a global compact sedan, is already on sale in global markets including China, the United States and Thailand. Acclaimed by owners, the new sedan has sold more than 500,000 units in these markets to date.
Latio is characterized by environmentally-friendly features, a high-quality exterior and roomy, comfortable interior space helping it meet the needs of a wide range of compact sedan customers, including mature and fleet customers.
Nissan aims to sell 1,200 units per month in Japan.

Key features of the new Latio:

- High-quality exterior and One-class above comfort

An imposing horizontal side view and front styling with large headlights and grille give Latio a strong presence and premium design feel.
Cabin spaciousness and great ride comfort, which have been previously been highly acclaimed, are further enhanced, optimally satisfying a wide range of compact sedan customers. Spacious interior roominess of a one-class-above sedan (effective interior length) is provided by minimizing the engine compartment and optimizing the layout of the fuel tank. Rear seat passenger comfort is enhanced by the ample knee room and wide field of vision. Trunk capacity is improved through use of uniquely shaped trim, resulting in luggage space of 490L (based on the VDA method).

- Best-in-class fuel economy with an Idling Stop System installed in all grades

Best-in-class fuel economy of 22.6km/L (on JC08 mode) is achieved with all grades equipped with HR12DE engine and an Idling Stop System, with XTRONIC CVT installed. The HR12DE engine provides excellent acceleration performance in city driving, delivering user-friendly operation in everyday use. Also contributing to the improved fuel efficiency is a vehicle weight reduction of about 70kg (compared to the previous model) and adoption of a new highly aerodynamic body shape.

- Tax exemption of 75 percent achieved in all grades with best-in-class fuel economy

With its outstanding fuel economy, both SU-LEV certification (by emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards) and 10% improvement in fuel economy over 2015 standards are achieved. Along with preferential tax breaks under the Japanese "tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles", automobile acquisition and weight taxes are reduced by 75%.

Based on the dual-pillar strategy of "zero emissions" and PURE DRIVE*2, Nissan continues its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout its product lineup. The new Latio with HR12DE engine is one of Nissan's PURE DRIVE models.

Sales target: 1,200 units/month
Price range: 1,388,100yen to 1,698,900yen, including consumption tax
Sales launch events: October 6 (Sat.) - 8 (Mon.) and 13 (Sat.) - 14 (Sun.)

<Overview of the new Latio>
1. Design
Dynamic, flowing exterior design with a "class above" feeling

  • Sculptured body with a finely developed cross-section, like athlete's muscles
  • Spacious interior cabin and horizontal yet flowing side view
  • Sporty front styling, as if the vehicle is staring straight ahead
  • A total of six available exterior colors, including Titanium Grey (TM) (TM stands for Titanium Metallic)

Spacious, premium interior design

  • Functionally-arranged switches and controls, with silver-colored finishers (standard on X, G)
  • Surprisingly spacious rear seat space
  • Premium-feel Fine Vision Meter with attractive illumination (standard on X, G)

2. Driving, environment and safety performances
Engine and transmission

  • All grades equipped with 1.2L HR12DE engine with an Idling Stop System
  • XTRONIC CVT adopted in all grades


  • One-class-above spacious interior room is achieved by minimizing mechanical space, including optimization of size and layout of the radiator and fuel tank and locating the accelerator pedal farther forward
  • Comfortable rear seat space is provided, with spacious knee room and large center
    armrest (rear center armrest is standard on G)
  • Short front overhang and engine hood that gives great visibility, helping reduce "invisible" areas for drivers as much as possible by making it easier to see where the vehicle's front end is
  • With large rear window and inventive rear pillar shape, visibility when parking a car in a garage or changing lanes is improved
  • Brighter headlights, using smaller reflectors, cover a longer distance so that road shoulders are easier to see
  • Simply designed luggage space opening improves ease of loading luggage. Luggage space capacity is 490 liters capable of storing four 9-inch golf bags

Aerodynamic performance and weight reduction

  • Design that reduces air resistance (coefficient of drag of 0.31) is adopted by optimizing shapes of the front bumper, front pillar, side view mirrors and underbody, as well as making a spoiler-shape trunk lid
  • Weight is reduced by a total of approximately 70kg compared to the previous model by detailed attention to the refinement of shapes and structures, including engine weight reduction and a change in suspension and exhaust parts

<Other Key Safety and Environmental Technologies>

  • Multi-reflector halogen headlights (manual control) that help optimize light distribution
  • Electric retractable remote control body-colored door mirrors
  • RearView Monitor (available only on vehicles equipped with car navigation system - provided as a dealer option)
  • High Mount Stop Lamp
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control [TCS functionality included]) (standard on G, factory-installed option on X, S and B)
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) + Brake Assist
  • Front ventilated disc brakes
  • High-strength body construction (Zone Body)
  • SRS air bag system for driver and front passenger
  • SRS curtain air bag system (factory-installed option on G, X)
  • Load limiter equipped pretensioner seatbelts for front seats
  • Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) 3-point seatbelts for all seats
  • Mileage display function
  • Achieves "10% improvement in fuel economy over 2015 standards" in all grades
  • Achieves SU-LEV certification by emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards in all grades
  • Reduces interior volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  1. *1: Four-door sedan with a 1.5L engine or smaller, excluding hybrid models. (As of August, 2012, according to Nissan)
  2. *2: PURE DRIVE vehicles are designed to deliver new excitement, creating a new experience and surprise in everyday driving, by combining various vehicles with eco-technologies.


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